Nothing better than the smell of fresh cut grass!

Goodness it has been a while, since I’ve posted! I’m feeling a smidgen rusty, but I would like to tell you about two very special events I was honored to be a part of this week-end in a two part posting.
First, on Friday May 21, 2010 the Illinois Army National Guard’s 139th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment arrived back on American soil. I’m so very blessed to work with the American Red Cross, Service to Armed Forces Unit, and assisted with Friday’s welcoming home activities.
Anticipation of their arrival could be felt all morning as their spouse and loved ones arrived on base and waited. Updates of their arrival began to spread when they were told that the plane had safely landed, and they were now just hours from returning to the base.
Children colored posters of welcoming and silently played as they too were anxious to be in the arms of their Dad’s, Mom’s or siblings who had been stationed overseas for a year. It was now just minutes before they would be safe in their arms again.
As the bus pulled onto the base and weaved it’s way to their finally destination the feeling of joy, honor, and patriotism could not be contained as we all awaited the door of that bright red bus to open. The sun shined brightly as it was escorted to the base by an awesome group of Veterans on motorcycles.
As the door opened cheers and clapping of joy rang out as these men and women were now safely home on American soil. I was touch by an interview that one of the unit members gave. She simple said, “there in nothing better than the smell of fresh cut grass.”

Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personnel courage allows us our freedom. These men and women are truly American Heroes! So the next time you smell freshly cut grass remember our troops abroad. For it is just but one of the littlest of things that they give up serving our country!