Merry July!

152 Many….many years ago I started a family tradition while living in New Orleans. My in-laws were coming for a visit. They arrived several days after the New Year and I was so happy with the way our Christmas tree looked I left it up for them to enjoy.

While having coffee one morning my Mother in-law commented on how nice the tree looked. I was very pleased with my decorating skills and suggested that perhaps I would leave it up all year round. How fun it would be to decorate for each holiday. She happily agreed and the tradition began. Each holiday or season the tree gets a fresh look!

The year round tree is and has been fun. I downsized to this small one when moving back to Main Street, USA but it is the perfect size and has been moved several places over the years. I have really enjoyed the many different decorations all the kids have come up with over the years. But most of all I have enjoyed the fact that it puts a smile on everyone’s face.

A little bit of Joy all year long! Merry July to one all.


5 thoughts on “Merry July!

  1. Hi Leo and I are fine Still camping at Lost Arrow See Donnie every once in a while.Leo and I have just had our 55 years of marriage long time /////// We still go to Fl for the winter. love your blog Tell everyone we said HI/// Oh the tree is really neat and your flowers on your porch look beautiful tell john i still have the tube he made in my back yard full of hens chickens. Think of you guys often Love ya both Leo $Sharon

    1. Glad to hear everyone in good! Might want to check, the photo of week!!!! Never know who you might see! I’m sure you can come up with a good comment for this weeks photo.

  2. Hey swee’pea – just a heads up – Auntie can be a little slow at times – and she even works in a school library for goodness sakes! LOL – just kiddin’ Auntie. An old office hound like me understands what SOP is; I just rarely follow it! Hugs!

    1. Thank you! Sure gald you came by. S.O.P means, Standard Operateing Procedure. These are the Rules of the Road here on Main Street USA.

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