Sometimes it just easier to follow the rules!

With 5 cats and 3 dogs you are always looking for one of them, especially when you are about to leave the house or close the house down for the night. You see, there are several rooms the dogs are not allowed in without supervision. Even with supervision one of the three varmints will occasionally leave a warm calling card in the family room, which is rarely occupied by the family.
MacGyver ( the hubby ) is the most frequent occupant in the “family room“. He is famous for watching television with his eyes closed, which the inmates have caught on to and no matter how many times they go out (too potty) you must discretely check the perimeter for calling cards.

The cats are notorious for being shut-up in the family room so the S.O.P. on Main Street, when going to bed, or when leaving the premise is to count the dogs, shut the family room door and call out, in no particular order, each of the cats by name. “BUBBA, EFFIE, PRIN, MISS. KITTY, COOKIE……BABIES! This can be repeated as often as needed. On occasion, a trip through the house may be required to find a “sleeper” who will completely ignored roll call, due to a cat nap.

Please refer to the S.O.P. on locating CAT NAPERS. Once you have accounted for all, you can make you escape or turn in for the night.

I’m posting our S.O.P because I chuckled this morning when MacGyver (hubby) and I were leaving for a appointment. Rather then spend any more time on a cat hunt…or close the family door. I declared we were leaving! To that MacGyver (the hubby) replied, “OK but your on sh***t detail when we get home.” Perfect another fun filled evening on Main Street USA. Who came up with that S.O.P. any way!



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  1. As you’ll discover when u read Friday’s posting at my place, EmmaLou left me quite the little present this morning in the family room. Gag, gag, gag. I’m happy to announce that Devoted Spouse is now home and he gets up early enough to get her little golden butt outside to do it’s business! Hugs!

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