159 We have a few Squirrels who drive the dogs crazy. Here is a little story I wrote about our friends that live in the Old Oak Tree at Main Street!

“Hey G.W.” called Marty.
“Are you awake?” G.W. lay quietly stretched across the limb of his front porch. He slowly opened one eye to look at his best friend.
“What’s up, Marty?” G.W. asked.
“BAGELS ARE OUT!” Marty yelled.
“Really!” G.W. delightedly replied. He raced up the treetop and over to Squirrel Pass. His bushy tail swayed from side to side as he skillfully crossed the high wire passage.
“What is your hurry?” called out Bertha Cardinal as she hung out her laundry to dry.
“Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal,” said G.W. “I don’t want to miss breakfast.”
“The best meal of the day!” Augustus Cardinal said, as he looked through the pages of the “Pool Side Gazette.”
“I hope I get there in time! I really would like to get a good one today,” said G.W.
“Go through the park. It‘s quicker,” replied Augustus, looking over his glasses.
“Thanks, Mr. Cardinal,” shouted back
“Hi, G.W.!” called Miranda Rabbit. “Can you come and play with us?”
“Hi, Miranda.” waved G.W., “ Not now. I’m going to the North End Bagel Barn.”
“Be careful crossing Mill Street.” Miranda cautioned as she trailed behind her older brother. “Lot of traffic on the road today.”
“Ok!” said G.W. He stopped and looked both ways down Mill Street and when he was sure the coast was clear, he sprinted across the street.
The North End Bagel Barn was a swarm of activity. Sissy Sparrow hopped quickly from one end of the counter to the other. “NUMBER 25, NUMBER 26,” she chirped as she went back and fourth around the pile of bagels laid neatly out for display. Soon it was G.W.’s turn.
“Number 40,” sang out Sissy.
“Right here.” G.W. called. He carefully looked over each bagel in the pile. “I’ll take that one!” Proudly tucking the perfect bagel in his mouth, he hurried straight for home.
“Wow, this one weighs a ton!” groaned
G.W., as he laid the bagel down to catch his breathe. “I’m not sure I can make it safely across Squirrel Pass. I better go through Feline Cove.” He could see Feline Cove up ahead. He knew it could be dangerous. Two dreadfully mean cats, Freddie and Freda Feline, lived under the garage just at the edge of the property. He picked up his bagel, and headed determinedly for home.
“What are you carrying?” It was Freda. G.W could see her yellow coat as she stretched out under the lilac bush.
“Oh, Freda!” gulped G.W. His heart began to race faster and faster. He laid the bagel down ready to leave it for her if she made any sudden moves out from under the bush.
“Been to the North End Bagel Barn, I see. That looks like a perfect bagel,” purred Freda.
“I just had breakfast myself.” Freda sat up, washing her face. “I’m so full that I think I’ll take a nap.”
“Sounds like a good idea!” G.W. replied, as he snatched up the bagel and ran as fast as he could for the stately oak tree he called home.
“Man, that was close!” panted G.W. He made his way up the oak tree.
“G.W!” bellowed Marty.
“I’m over here,” G.W. could see Marty bounding across Squirrel Pass. He moved to the edge of the limb so Marty could spot him, and his perfect bagel. All at once, Marty leaped from the wire and onto the limb directly above G.W. The limb began to spring violently up and down as G.W. tried to hold on to the bagel.
“Marty! My bagel!” cried G.W. He let go of the bagel and watched it hit the ground and roll next to the fence.
“Hey, that’s a nice looking bagel,” said Marty, as they peered down at the bagel from the swinging limb.
“Yeah, that’s just what Freda said!” chuckled G.W. as he thought about Freda.
“You crossed Feline Cove with that?” Marty shot back in disbelief.
“Sure.” smiled G.W. as he hurried down the side of the tree. “It’s way too big to handle across the Squirrel Pass.” He scooped up the bagel and ran back up the tree. He stretched out across the limb next to Marty, his paws tightly griping the bagel. He was not going to let it get away from him again.
“I have some walnuts to plant. Want to come?” Marty asked as he opened his sack for G.W. to see.
“No, I’m going to enjoy my breakfast. Maybe later.” G.W. replied, with a blissful smile as he looked over the treat.
“I’ll be at the ball park if you change your mind.” replied Marty as he jumped onto the roof.
Delighted with his pick, G.W. turned the bagel over and over. He could smell the wonderful aroma coming from the bagel. He closed his eyes.
“G.W.! G.W.!” a raspy voice cawed suddenly in his ear.
“What!” G.W. jumped. The perfect bagel went sailing out into the air. “Oh, no not again!” cried G.W. as he watched it plummet to the ground.
“Tillie! G.W. gasped, “You scared me! And look what you made me do.”
“Sorry!” Tillie Crow said as she settled down next to G.W. “Been to the North End Bagel Shop I see. That looks like a fine bagel.
Did you know Andy and Rose Robin are expecting triplets? They are due any day now. Everyone at the Main Street Café has been worried about Rose. They sent me to check on her. She has been sitting on those eggs for weeks!” cried Tillie. “And… Oh, look at the time! Gotta fly now or I‘m going to be late! See you G.W.”
G.W. sat on the limb of the oak tree looking down at the perfect bagel he wondered if there was anything he could do as he watched Tillie glide across the yard towards Main Street.
“Tillie…wait…”called G.W. When suddenly an idea struck him.
“Mrs. Robin might enjoy this perfect bagel,” he thought to himself as he ran down the tree. He picked up the bagel, brushed it off and tucked it tightly between his teeth. He ran next door to the soft maple tree and laid the succulent bagel in the fork of the tree. Just below the Robins nest.
“There!” G.W. cried with delight, “a perfect bagel will be waiting for them for dinner. Hmm.. I wonder if Marty still needs any help?” said G.W. as he dashed across the yard.
It was dusk when G.W. returned home. He settled into his oak tree as the sun began to set. He was very sleepy. He and Marty had planted walnuts all afternoon. He climbed into bed and was soon fast asleep.
“Hello!” a small voice called out. G.W peeked out from his nest; the morning sun was streaming through the tree and dancing off the water of the pool below. He could see Rose Robin waving from the edge of the roof next to his tree.
“Hello, G.W. Are you up?” sang Rose.
“Hi, Mrs. Robin.” G.W. said as he yawned.
“Andy and I were wondering if you would like to come over for breakfast?” asked Rose.
“Sure!” replied G.W.
He found the whole neighborhood had gathered under the soft maple tree for breakfast. The perfect bagel lay there in its entire splendor for everyone to taste. Mr. and Mrs. Robin proudly announced that the triplets, Andy Jr, Anna, and Lexey Robin had arrived late last night. And sure enough, the tiny arrivals were hungrily chirping in their nest.
“That was the best bagel I have ever tasted.” Marty said to G.W. later, as they lay on the porch of G.W.’s home overlooking the clear blue water of the pool. “I heard someone left that delicious bagel right under their nest! Boy, you sure are fortunate G.W,” said Marty.
“Why is that? G.W. asked.
“Well, bagels two days in a row,” sighed Marty. G.W. looked at his friend and smiled. “Just lucky, I guess!”



  1. Very cute story Mari.

    I heard , the squirrels like to taunt Katy BJ as they go by.
    And she gets real vocal.

    A bagel is round like her ball… she takes it personal.

      1. Mothermari…
        you may be in BIG trouble *smile*

        I have ask Sistersarah to join us *oh gosh*

        I am sending her your website…
        Be afraid…
        be very afraid…
        The fhit is going to hit the san

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