Today marks a new beginning for me! It’s PARTY TIME! Well, at least a quiet celebration. My baby is back home safe and sound!

Eight years ago I entered into a contract with a large bowling manufacturing company. I had developed a series of children’s books and graphic about bowling. This company was quick to jump on the project. We courted for a year and when the project was complete they jumped on it.

Knowing that financially I would never be able to get the project out into the market as well as they could, I endured a year of contract negations. After that was competed, I reluctantly turn over my baby to them November of 2000.

I was granted “creative input” along with a small up front compensation fee and the possibility of a modest income as he was introduced world wide. What joy I felt!

Little did I know that I was turning my baby over to a wicked step family! Looking back, there were hundreds of signs! One that has always haunted me was a comment that the step-monster made, “We certainly would not want one of our competitors to have this!”

I was so STUIPED!

I should have scooped may baby up and headed for the hills that very moment. At least that was what my heart was telling me. But no, I turned him over in hopes that he would bring others as much fun as he had brought me and yes I saw $$$$ signs. My lawyer, thank GOD, was smart enough to negotiated a clause in the contract that if in eight years the company had not lived up to their agreement I could regain custody.

In 2008 I began that process, as they had not lived up to their end of the bargain!

Here as we fast approach the end of 2009.…I finally got the signed contract back today by register mail officially giving me back ALL ownership. All trademarks and BS is complete.

I don’t know what I will do with him but he is back where he belongs!



  1. Well hallelujah – all these wonderful things happening to my blogging buddies – I couldn’t be more happy for you sweetie! You deserve this! You just roll around in the happiness and know we’re all tickled for you. Hugs!

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