I don’t think I would like being a hero everyday!

imagesI love childrens stories. Several years ago I wrote three stories about a squirrel who lived in our Oak tree. It was great fun. I posted one of those stories several weeks ago and here is another one. I hope your enjoy!

It was a cool September morning. The smell of fall filled the morning breeze. G.W. lay stretched across the limb of his front porch as the sun streamed down through the giant oak tree he called home.
“G.W.! Knock it off! Those acorns are landing in the pool,” snapped Casey Joe. G.W. was tossing small acorns down at the three dogs that lived in the house below. He delighted in annoying them every chance he got.
“Sorry, Casey,” giggled G.W.
“Over here! Here!” yelped Sophie as she danced around the pool. G.W. tossed an acorn down to Sophia. It rolled down the deck. Plop!!! Into the pool it went.
“Stop it!” barked Annie, “You are both making a mess!”
“Is Marty coming over to play?” asked Annie as she patiently waited for G.W. to toss another one down. She always enjoyed a good game of “catch the acorns” with Marty and G.W.
“Marty! Oh-I forgot to meet him at the Main Street Café. The whole town is getting ready for the Fall Festival.” cried G.W. “I’ll catch you guys later.”
He raced up Main Street towards the Café. As he rounded the corner he could see Billy Bob and Heather Blue Jay. Billy Bob worked on the railroad. They lived in a tall stately tree just beside the Main Street tracks.
“Hi!” gulped G.W. as he tried to catch his breath. “Oh…what’s that smell?”
“Those big trucks have got everything all backed up!” grumbled Billy Bob.
“What’s going on?” asked G.W.
“Oiling Main Street this morning, and then the south and north ends of town later in the week.” replied Heather offering G.W. a piece of fresh corn.
“No thanks,” G.W. grimaced as he covered his nose.
“The wind is blowing in just the right direction. We will smell this all day.” Billy Bob complained. “Heather, we’re going to your sister’s, Dusti Mop’s, house for the day.”
“Well, that’s a fine idea!” cried Heather. “I need to get a recipe from her for the Fall Festival bake-off contest. I’ll be ready in a jiff!”
“You better head for home G.W.,” said Billy Bob “It will be a mess all day!”
“Well, I’m meeting Marty at the Café. We wanted to see the banners they’re hanging for the festival.” G.W. said, pulling his red handkerchief out of his pocket. He quickly tied it over his nose to stop some of the horrible smell that began to fill the air from the hot oil.
“You better get moving then,” Billy Bob said, “That eight-ten train is due any minute. And stay away from that road – it will be a sticky mess!” G.W. crossed the railroad tracks and scrambled down the side of the bank. He could hear the hum of the trucks as they slowly moved up Main Street towards the Café. He scurried down the sidewalk past the Laundromat and the post office.
“G.W.! Is that you?” A tiny voice called out from above. G.W. stopped and looked up at the butterfly hovering inches above his head.
“Hey, Indy,” replied G.W. “It’s me.”
“Could not tell with that with that red scarf tied around your face,” chuckled Indy Monarch. “Where you going?”
I’m meeting Marty and the gang at the Café. That oil smell is real strong and I thought the scarf would help,” G.W. replied. “Where are you off to?”
“Just getting ready to head out to the south end of town to do the mail route.” smiled Indy as she rearranged her mailbag.
“I hear that they will be oiling over that way in a few day. Looks like the whole town will be a mess for the week.” said G.W.
“Well. Through rain, snow, sleet and even oil the mail must get out! Got to go,” waved Indy. Her beautifully colored wings were like a pair of stained glass windows as the sun shone through them.
“See you Indy!” G.W. called back. He could see Marty waving frantically as he moved closer to the café.
“G.W.! Cried Marty, “Where have you been?”
“Sorry, I’m late Marty,” replied G.W. “I was playing with Annie, Casey and Sophia. I lost track of time.”
“Sy Spider is missing!” Marty shouted over the hum of the approaching oil truck. “Tillie Crow has gone out to find him.”
“Sy?” asked G.W. “What happened?”
“Well, Sy was sitting on the bench out side the café and the next thing we knew he was gone.” answered Marty.
“Sy is getting up there in age” chirped Rose Robin.
“He can hardly see with his good eye and he sure can‘t get around well with that cane.” Augustus Cardinal said peering over the “Pool Side Gazette.” He was sitting right here next to me mumbling something about his Web business.”
Sy Spider had created an Internet Web program. He retired and left the business to his son, who moved the company to Springburg. He rarely came out to visit Sy so everyone at the Café kept an eye out for him.
“Maybe he went in the café.” said G.W. “You know how much he likes his coffee.”
“I’ve found him! I’ve found him!” cawed out Tillie from across the street. Her raspy voice was hard to hear over the heavy machines rolling up Main Street.
“Look!” cried G.W.
“What’s Tillie doing?” gasped Rose.
“Be careful, Tillie!” chirped Sissy Sparrow.
“That crazy old crow is going to get stuck in that gluey oil!” snapped Augustus Cardinal looking over his paper.

Will G.W. and Marty save Sy? Will Tilley get squashed by the oil tanker! Come back to see how it ends!


3 thoughts on “I don’t think I would like being a hero everyday!

  1. What a delightful story – you have quite a talent girlfriend – keep it up – can’t wait for the next installment! Hugs! P.S. Thanks for the caption win! I just felt like poor puppy would be so much better off if she had opposable thumbs! LOL Love u, mean it!

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