I dont’ think I would like being a hero everyday! Part 2

Bertha Robin

Bertha Robin

Gather round everyone. It’s story time. Tillie had spotted Sy the spider and was headed for trouble. Lets see what happens.

“Do something Augustus!” cried Bertha as she snatched the paper away from him.
“Tillie! Tillie! You crazy crow.” shouted Augustus, “You’re getting too close to that oil. You’ll get stuck along with Sy!”
“G.W!” cried Marty. “If I cross the street over the Fall Festival banner I’ll be able to get a better view.”
“Are you sure, Marty?” G.W. looked up worriedly at the long red and white banner that proudly announced the coming September Fall Fest.
“Piece of cake!” cried Marty, as he raced up the pole and onto the banner.
“Marty, watch your step,” cautioned G.W. as the banner sagged lower and lower as Marty crossed over it.
“Stop swinging that cane at me, Sy!” Tillie squawked.
“Marty!” called G.W. anxiously “Can you see Sy?”
“I see him!” yelled Marty; “He just keeps swinging that cane at Tillie. He is right at the edge of the road, just a few inches from the porch of the bank.”
“G.W.!” chirped Sissy in alarm. “The oil truck is coming!”
“Marty!” yelled G.W. “Make your way over to the side of the street. I’ll meet you there.”
Marty jumped over to the roof of the Village Market while G.W. raced down the street and up a tree, then over Squirrel Pass as he headed across Main Street. He could see the oil trucks coming closer and closer.
“Sy, put that cane down.” squawked Tillie. “ “You’re going to be toast in a few seconds if we don’t get you out of that oil!”
“Tillie!” G.W. called out. “Sit on the porch rail of the Long Branch Bank and watch for that oil truck.”
Within seconds Marty and G.W. were standing at the edge of the Bank’s porch looking down at Sy. His cane still waving around and around as he mumbled something about a crazy crow.
“Marty, if you can hang off the side of the rail and hold onto my back legs. I might be able to reach him.” directed G.W.
“Oh! He’s a goner!” Tillie cawed shrilly. “The truck is coming. Hurry!”
“Marty, do just like we do in the park.” G.W. yelled as he jumped up on the rail of the porch.
“Ok!” said Marty.
“Ready.” asked G.W.
“Ready!” Marty grabbed G.W. by the back legs and swung him down.
“A little lower Marty. Lower!” G.W. called out. He swiftly scooped up Sy, and yelled, “Pull me up Marty! Up! NOW!”

Can Marty pull G.W. and Sy to safety in time? The tanker is just inches away!

Come back and see.


3 thoughts on “I dont’ think I would like being a hero everyday! Part 2

  1. Whew! You left me hanging also! Doggone it.

    I’m enjoying the story very much, keep writing girl.

    I’m also enjoying the new view, very bright and nice.

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