I don’t think I would like being a hero everyday! Part 3

It's Friday!It’s FRIDAY and Effie is already in the pool!

Gather round everyone. Let’s find out what happened to Tille and Sy so we can start the week-end!

We left off as Marty was swinging G.W. by his feet.

Marty gave a mighty tug and fell backwards off the rail. G.W. and Sy tumbled to the floor of the porch with a THUD! Sy’s cane flew up and knocked Tillie off the rail on to the ground next to Marty. The roar of the truck passing in front of them drowned out the scolding from Sy as he struggled to his feet next to G.W.
“Marty! Marty! You ok?” asked G.W.
“Sure!” grinned Marty as he waved to everyone standing in front of the Café.
“Oh! My head!” moaned Tillie “Is Sy ok?” she asked with her wings spread over her eyes.
“Where is that crazy crow?” bellowed Sy.

Sy Spider

Sy Spider

“He is alive!” shrieked Tillie.
“You bet I’m alive!” spat Sy. “No thanks to you pecking around my head. What in the world were you trying to do? Where in blue bumble bees is my cane?”
G.W. and Marty began to laugh as they headed back to the café, as Tillie and Sy hurled insults at each other.
Rose Robin and Bertha Cardinal pecked each of them on the check, and Augustus Cardinal beamed and said, “Nice job boys!” Sissy Sparrow chirped, “Next bagel’s on me boys!”
“Let’s head back to your place,” said Marty.
“Sounds good to me,” answered G.W. “ A game of acorns with Annie, Sophie and Casey sounds good – and a whole lot safer!”
“You know, G.W.” Marty said later as they lay relaxing “It really feels good to be able to help someone out. But I think I’ll find a little less dangerous way to be helpful!”
“Me, too,” smiled G.W. “I don’t think I would like being a hero everyday.funny-squirrels01
We love comments. Let us know how you liked our little story about the adventures of G.W. and Marty!



2 thoughts on “I don’t think I would like being a hero everyday! Part 3

  1. Nice story! I guess there’s no kid who wouldn’t love to read the next parts too ;), I would love to read them though I’m no longer a kid, at least by appearance…;). Good stories for kids should be of the kind adults would love to read too, I strive to write that way when I write for kids (Tale of The Rock Pieces), hope you thinks the same way too?

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