u15713328This was a perfect evening! It was a taste of fall to come. The sky so breathtaking with shades of blues, pinks and whites so perfectly brushed across the skyline, it looked like a piece of art. Just gorgeous, a very unexpected treat for August. A true gift.

MacGyver and I went for a drive in the V.W. beetle or Bernie as we call it. We wanted to see the damages the tornado had done to the town of Williamsville, Illinois, Wednesday afternoon. What a mess!! Mother natures furry was harsh. The Illinois State Journal Register has some pictures, please check them out. Our prayers are with those poor people. It’s a mess.

k0122980As we drove through the small town of Andrew, Illinois, which may have all of ten houses, I spotted someone’s clean (they looked clean anyway) laundry hanging so very neatly on the clothes line. They also seemed to enjoy the wonderful evening sun set as they swayed lightly with the wind.

These clothes were so perfectly matched and impeccably hung it was unreal…..The pants placed all together, there were the perfect matching number of sox’s, shirts just so and towels just right, it looked like a Tide Laundry Soap commercial, as the sun set softly behind them.

Oh, I love the smell of cloths that have hung outside. I hang things outside often, but I have never been able to hang my cloths out soooo perfectly! Really…..come on…. there is a art to this! Which I do not have the talent for or will I every!

Here on Main Street you might see a bedspread, quilt, a towel, sweatshirts or a few rugs hanging on the line for days, weeks, even a month. 78506-52dgMacGyver said, “it’s because we really like that fresh air smell.”

(The real truth, once they get out there they go to the bottom of my priority list. I’ll get them in the morning….oh….it rained..or it’s to late… Hey…some one grab that stuff off the line on your way in….)

And you know what? I really dislike those “perfect clothes hangers!” Who show off ALL their bra’s, panties, briefs, boxers and the correct number of soxs in public, and make them look soooo good!

Stop showing off!

Let one of those socks stay in the basket! Hang a towel the wrong way! Mix the boxers and the panties, live a little!

But……. I must say….My pants are off to you! We sure enjoyed the show!




  1. I wish I lived someplace that I could have a clothesline. I have found a pretty good substitute. I now use a clothes drying rack that I can put on my patio. Clothes smell great and it decorates the patio with some much needed color!

    1. I love my clothes line. They don’t always make it in the house right away! lololo That cloths is a great idea! It would look like a flower, with all things on it! Very nice for the patio. Glad you came by.

  2. Let’s face it, clothesline hanging is becoming a lost art. Most these days don’t even know what a clothesline is! If it is not on their computer or phone, it does not exist.
    So you put your pants back on and I’ll give a salute to the creater of Perfect Clothesline!!!
    You have made this oldster proud!

  3. I HAD to hang too many clothes outside to ever WANT to do it again. I’m with you….I love me dryer and it loves me because it not only makes my clothes dry and smell wonderful……they aren’t stiff as a board either.

    You’re too funny!

    1. Some are perfect hangers and some are not! I have found that the longer you leave them hang out……the softer they become!

  4. Yikes – puts those pants back on girl! I love sheets and towels that have been hanging outside. Unfortunately we had a clothes line at our old house but not at this one. I keep asking DS to put something up for me – but then again with my back I couldn’t carry the laundry out anyway and it’s easier for him to use the dryer. Oh well – what a lovely memory – thanks!

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