This photo was taken by me Friday 21 of August, 2009. Springfield, Illinois North side of town. It tells the whole story. Remember, everyday is a gift!


4 thoughts on “EVERYDAY IS A GIFT!

  1. Wonderful pic – and you are right every day is a gift and too many of us take them for granted. I thank God each morning as I wake up on the right side of the grass because life is such a blessing and it can be gone in an instant. Love u!

  2. Well, you know, photographically speaking, you have great composition there, with the tree and all! Rainbows do always feel like gifts don’t they, and it doesn’t matter how old we get, that never changes. And TWO rainbows tpgether – well!
    Is Springfield Illinois where Brad Pitt comes from? And … er … the Simpsons?

    1. Darn the luck! Good camera at home on the table. I took several shots with the phone camera, it was the largest rainbow I’ve seen in a long time and you are correct…..a double to boot. Not sure on the Brad Pitt, but the Simpson would be correct and Pres. Obama, Lincoln…. Springfield is the capitol of Illinois. Yes, rainbows and the sunrise, sunset and everything in-between. My husband is a colon cancer survier and we enjoy everyday and truly belive everyday is a gift.

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