punk-squirrel“I’m sure excited about the Zooville Fall Festival tomorrow,” Marty said. “I heard they have a Demolition-Derby this year.”
“No way!” said G.W.
“I saw them working on one of the car’s at Big John’s Monster Garage. Dobber is driving it,” smiled Marty, “Want to check it out?”
“Sure!” G.W. said, as he raced down the tree.
“Wait for me!” cried Marty. G.W. stopped so that Marty could catch up and saw Harley Basset Beagle waddling towards them.
“Hello, G.W.” Bellowed Harley, shaking his head from side to side. His long floppy ears and meaty chops splashed drops of moisture all over G.W.
“Hi Harley.” G.W. said, wiping off his face. “Where are you headed?”
“Going to the school for lunch.” replied Harley.
“Hey, isn’t that Marty?” Harley inquired as he spotted Marty racing across Squirrel Pass. He shook his big mug again, spraying G.W. even more this time.
“Yes, it is. Sorry, got to go and catch up.” apologized G.W. as he hurried to the nearest tree. He had plenty of Harley’s slobbers for one day.
G.W. scampered through Squirrel Pass and made his way to Big John’s Monster Garage on Monroe Street.
“Thanks, Marty, for leaving me they’re with Harley.” G.W. said giving Marty a little push on the shoulder.
“Wow…you’ve been slobbered! I can smell him all over you!” laughed Marty.
“Anything going on?” asked G.W. wiping his face off again.
“Dobber and Junior left in the truck a minute ago,” replied Marty. Dobber, Junior and Goober operated the tiny garage where Marty and G.W. came by often to check out what was going on in Zooville and grab a bite to eat from the homemade feeder outside of the garage.
“Look, G.W.,” pointed Marty. “Look at all the stuff over there on the trailer. Let’s go have a peek.” The red trailer had parts and pieces of a car piled on one end. They nosed around on the pile while they waited for Dobber and Junior to return.
“Look, Marty! An old dried up apple,” called out G.W.
“Here’s a bag of chips,” yelled Marty with delight.
“Oh… it‘s empty,” frowned Marty. “All this stuff is making me hungry. I’m going over to the feeder. Hey, I hear a truck pulling up the drive. Watch out, G.W.!” Marty called out. “You know how Dobber drives.”
The shiny black truck came tearing up the drive and around the corner of the building. G.W. and Marty scrambled up the tree and sat patiently as Dobber and Junior jumped out of the truck and opened the garage doors.

A tan colored station wagon was inside. All four wheels were up on jack stands. The hood was open and tools lie all over the floor of the garage.
Fascinated, G.W. and Marty sat for hours as the men drilled and hammered on the old station wagon.
“I better be getting home,” said G.W. finally.
“And miss all the excitement?” Marty asked.
“I‘m tired. It’s after midnight. I’m going to head back home,” yawed G.W. “Stop by and get me in the morning I’ll go to the parade with you.”
“OK. I’m going to stay and watch for a while. See you in the morning,” replied Marty as he moved over for a better view.

k0113541Does the car get done for the big derby? Will Marty make the parade with G.W.

Stay tuned…………


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