Last we left off Marty was up all night watching Dobber and Jr. get the wagon ready for the derby…..

Chapter 2

G.W. headed straight for home. It was much later then he thought. He had promised Annie he would play a game of “catch the acorns”, but he was sure she was in for the night. He scurried up the oak tree he called home and quickly washed his face and brushed his teeth. The smell of Harley still lingered. He curled up in his bed and fell fast asleep.
He was awakened by Annie‘s impatient barks. “G.W.! G.W.!” yapped Annie,” Can you hear the band?”
G.W. slowly opened his eyes. “I can!” he called down to Annie. “ It’s the parade getting ready to start. I wonder were Marty is.”
“Oh, Marty came by early and said he would meet you at the park,” replied Annie as she danced around the pool.funny-squirrels13
“Well, I’d better get going,” said G.W.
Main Street was lined along both sides with people, children and lawn chairs.
Excitement was in the air as everyone waited for the parade to start.
Police and fire truck sirens began to wail signaling the start. Old cars and fancy floats, and loud brass bands paraded down the street. Children surged into the street scooping up the candy that was tossed from the passing vehicles.
“I wonder where Marty is,” thought G.W. as he looked around. “Marty loves parades.”
“Hi, G.W.,” called out Rose Robin. “Wonderful parade. Thought I would bring the triplets out for their first look.”
“Hi, Mrs. Robin. Have you seen Marty anywhere?” asked G.W.
“Not this morning” answered Rose, “Oh, my goodness! Sorry, G.W., I’ve got to go. Andy Jr. has taken off again. He is such a handful,” sighed Rose as she gathered up the other two young robins and herded them down Main Street in search of Andy Jr.
G.W. watched as the last float passed by and he then hurried over to the park. The smell of cotton candy, pork chops and the music of the carnival ride filled the air. It was late afternoon and he still had not found Marty. G.W. began to worry.
“G.W.,” a tiny voice from above called out. It was Indy Monarch, the butterfly.
“Hi, Indy,” smiled G.W.
“The Demolition Derby will be starting soon. You had better head over that way for a good seat,” Indy said, as she fluttered above.
“Good suggestion,” answered G.W.
He raced across the park to pit area. It was full of activity. Cars were being pulled in on trailers. Each car was painted with different colors and markings. Some looked like they had already been in a Derby with their sides bashed in and hoods crumpled up. Everyone was busy as bees working on last minute adjustments.
“Drivers… Ten minute call,” a voice squawked across the speaker. G.W. moved around the pit area looking for the car sponsored by Big John’s Monster Garage.
“Tillie!” called G.W. “Have you seen the car from the Big John’s Garage?”
“Over by the fence,” cawed Tillie Crow.
“Thanks, Tillie,” called G.W.
He scurried over to the fence. The tan station wagon, now black and red, featured names painted in different colors all over it and the number “420” carefully painted on the drivers door in bright yellow. G.W. chuckled at the bowling pin mounted on the top of the car.
“Drivers’ meeting in five minute,” the load speaker squawked.
“Where is Marty!” worried G.W. “He would never miss this!”
“Dobber, we’ve got to go,” yelled Junior.
“Just let me tighten this last bolt, will you,” replied Dobber.
“All drivers to the meeting! All drivers to the meeting!” the load speaker called out again.


Will G.W. find Marty? What happened after G.W. left him at the garage last night? Stay tuned!



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