“Marty, the Derby is about…we have to get out of here.” G.W. cried frantically….Part 3


G.W. watched as Dobber and Junior headed for the meeting. He wanted to take a closer look inside the car while everyone was gone.
“Wow. The whole car has been gutted!” gasped G.W. He looked at the battery that now sat on the front floorboard. The back seat was gone, and a large can sat in the center. He looked around, amazed at how different the car had looked last night.
He heard a noise from the back of the wagon. He moved quickly, poking around in a pile of leaves and cans that lie in the back corner of the car. Suddenly a furry form appeared.
“Marty!” cried G.W. “Good grief. What are you doing in here?”
“Oh I must have fallen asleep. We were up all night working on the car,” yawned Marty.
“Marty, the Derby is about…we have to get out of here.” G.W. cried frantically.
“Come on, wake up!”
“What time is it?” asked Marty.
“It’s time to go, Marty. Now!” G.W. shook Marty harder.
Suddenly, voices interrupted G.W.’s attempts to rouse Marty.
“Hurry! Get in the car, Dobber,” called Junior. “You’re in the first heat.
“Marty…Marty!” yelled G.W.
But the roar of the engine drowned him out. It roared louder and louder as Dobber stepped on the gas and the car slowly began to move.
“Marty you’d better hang on!” called G.W.
“Are we moving?” asked Marty.
“Yes Marty! We’re headed for the Derby!” cried G.W. “Hold on tight!”
The roar of the cars became even louder as they began to line up on the dirt field. Marty and G.W. peeked out the side window. They could almost touch the car next to them. The driver’s head was covered with a helmet. He was revving up the engine as he waiting for the green flag signaling the start of the first Demolition Derby.
“Welcome to the first annually Zooville Fall Festival Demolition Derby!” the loud speaker squawked. “Let the Derby begin!”
Big John’s Monster car suddenly jerked backwards throwing Marty and G.W. into the back corner of the station wagon.
BANG…BOOOM…. CRUNCH…Marty and G.W. tumbled around the back of the station wagon like marbles. They grabbed onto the front seat and peeked over the top. BOOM…The car was struck in the back throwing Marty into the front seat next to Dobber.
Dobber let out a yell and so did Marty as they both stared at each other. BOOM…. CRASH. The car bumped and jerked around as Marty was tossed from side to side.
Dobber looked around quickly and spotted a car coming up behind him. He also spotted G.W. holding tight to the front seat staring at him with wide eyes.
“Never mind me! Look out for that car!” yelled G.W. as he closed his eyes. BAM!!!!!!
Suddenly, the car stopped running. Dobber quickly reached over and wiggled the battery cable.
“ Agggh!!!! I smell gas,” cried Marty
“Me, too!” replied G.W.
“The fuel line must be off the tank,” called out Dobber. “I can’t reach it.”
“G.W!” yelled Marty, “Check the fuel tank!”
squirrel“Check the WHAT?” G.W. could barely hear Marty.
“THE FUEL TANK! THAT CAN ON THE FLOORBOARD!” Marty called back. BOOM…a shot in the side door knocked Marty over the seat onto Dobber’s lap.



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