“THE FUEL TANK! THAT CAN ON THE FLOORBOARD!” Marty called back. Part 4

TGIF: Enjoy the end of Zooville Demo Days!



Dobber let out a yell and so did Marty as they both stared at each other. BOOM…. CRASH. The car bumped and jerked around as Marty was tossed from side to side.
Dobber looked around quickly and spotted a car coming up behind him. He also spotted G.W. holding tight to the front seat staring at him with wide eyes.
“Never mind me! Look out for that car!” yelled G.W. as he closed his eyes. BAM!!!!!!
Suddenly, the car stopped running. Dobber quickly reached over and wiggled the battery cable.
“ Agggh!!!! I smell gas,” cried Marty
“Me, too!” replied G.W.
“The fuel line must be off the tank,” called out Dobber. “I can’t reach it.”
“G.W!” yelled Marty, “Check the fuel tank!”
“Check the WHAT?” G.W. could barely hear Marty.
“THE FUEL TANK! THAT CAN ON THE FLOORBOARD!” Marty called back. BOOM…a shot in the side door knocked Marty over the seat onto Dobber’s lap.
G.W. nosed around the tank and found the hose dangling. He pulled and tugged as hard as he could and slid the black hose back over the hole.
“I got it,” he called out.
“Dobber! HIT IT!” Marty yelled out.
Dobber turned the key and pumped the gas pedal, and with a BANG the station wagon started up. He wheeled the car around the dirt track as Marty and G.W. bounced from side to side.
“YOUR WINNER OF THE FIRST HEAT” Car “420“, BIG JOHN“S MONSTER GARAGE!” the speaker announced!
“We won! We won!” yelled Marty and G.W. as the spectators cheered with delight.
Dobber drove a victory lap around the track with the checkered flag, and headed back to the pits. The old car sputtered and wobbled and belched white smoke. Above the noise Marty made introductions.
“By the way, I’m Marty and that’s G.W. in the back.
“Well, Marty and G.W. thanks for your help!” laughed Dobber. “You guys really deserve the checkered flag.”
G.W. and Marty headed for home after all the activities of the Fall Festival. They took turns holding and waving the checkered flag.
“You know, GW? Marty smiled as he lies across the tree limb holding the checkered flag proudly, “I think I would like to do that again.
“ Sure! giggled GW. “Maybe next year, we can get our own car.” k0113541



6 thoughts on ““THE FUEL TANK! THAT CAN ON THE FLOORBOARD!” Marty called back. Part 4

  1. Whew, that was quite a race!
    Lanman and Chuckles was at that race but they didn’t mention G.W. or
    This is how they got started undercover, I’m starting to understand these guys. I can’t wait to see what they do next. And to think
    they have lived around the corner all this time.

  2. Well you certainly are a story teller! It reads like a scene from Harry Potter – gripping to the end. My North American wildlife knowledge isn’t what it could be – so is that a squirrel or a chipmunk? Anyway I love the pictures, especially the one with the mohican! Thank you so much for your comments on my blog. Came at a very opportune moment since I’ve just plucked up courage to put some images for sale as greetings cards on a website…(gulp!) Have a good weekend.

    1. You are so sweet! Your to kind! I can only wish……..Thank you!
      Squirrels, a chipmunck’s have 13 strips down it’s back and are smaller.

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