Miss Laney....loves them too!

Miss Laney....loves them too!

I love deer! I have sat in tree stands waiting for a good picture. I have stopped on country roads just to get that one perfect picture.

When we went to Lincoln, Illinois, over the weekend. I had no camera and guess what…..Baby deer!

So, I did the best I could with the phone camera! To me, they are just one of God’s best gift.





  1. Lovely photos of Laney with the deer. I’m afraid I have no deer-related stories of any kind but I do believe in ‘meaningful coincidences’ and have often taken songs, something noticed, something heard to be messages.

    1. Laney is my get in there and give it a try gal. She is game for any kind of fun! On the way to Lincoln she wanted a horse, cow, and a deer…..a farm I think she said. LOLOL she is a treat!
      And….no camera. Thanks for cell phone camera’s, they work in a pinch.
      I’m stealing from my buddy Judi’s comments. ….”We get many messages from God and our loved ones, if we just see.” and how true is that! Some times we are to busy to even see!

  2. First, thanks for the fix *smile*
    I didn’t mention it but it was the first time I had ever heard that song and I had no idea it was Johnny’s favorite.

    At the service, it must have showed on my face when that song started. A lady jumped up and got me a box of kleenex.

  3. May I join the lunatics?
    We get many messages from God and our loved ones, if we just see.
    I would be interested to know if you have received a sign from someone you love(d).
    I truly feel I get spoken to thru music. I totally love country and listen a lot.
    One instance, I was getting ready to visit my younger brother who was terminally ill. A song came on the radio, My Old Man by Steve Goodman, I listened as my maiden name is Goodman.
    My brother passed and at his service his favorite song was played. My Old Man by Steve Goodman. I feel God and my brother spoke to me. And I still tear to think of it now.

  4. I have always had a strange connection to deer – whenever I’m feeling especially sad or stressed or just having problems, God sends deer to me to cheer me up and I see them in the fields or the day one walked home w/Devoted Spouse and EmmaLou. I’ve always been convinced they are a direct answer sent to me when I need them most and no one will ever change my mind on that – I don’t care who thinks I’m a raving lunatic. I love your pics and your new header pic. Blessings, Linda

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