Leah, from Creative Every Day, announced the theme/challenge for September was INSPIRATION. After reading her explanation of the 2009 Challenge I thought the idea was wonderful, so I quickly signed on! This sounds like fun, I thought. I love to write. Little did I know it would become a true challenge.

Inspiration? Where do I get it? Who or what makes it happen? Do I even have it? What do I do with it?

I’ve concluded that my inspiration comes from a higher power that allows me to breath in and out daily, while family and friends allow me to experience it, learn from it and write about it.

First, a higher power gives me the inspiration to breath in and out naturally. It’s the gift of life. It is a natural thing. Without it there is no life. A friend told me once, “A flower does not consult with anyone before blooming. Even in the worst of places, they naturally follow the process of magical blooming, even in places we never see. What happens will happen naturally.”

Second, my family and friends gives me inspiration each and everyday with encouragement and support in whatever my current endeavor or challenge maybe. Richard Bach wrote, “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”

ced2009Each morning, I’m thankful for the ability to unwrap the gift of inspiration, and share it by writing this little blog. For only in my dreams am I a “published” writer or author, and whatever happens will happen naturally, and with the help of my family and friends who inspire me daily to share my stories through writing. I thank them!

For it is them who inspire me to chase my dreams and God who gives me breath each day.



  1. I like what your friend says about blooming – a flower doesn’t ask anyone’s permission but just gets on with it, doing what comes naturally. What a great analogy! And yet how different from the reality of so many human beings. So many of us have such baggage between us and our talents or dreams, caused by people putting us down, things going wrong, perhaps pursuing the wrong dreams or believing somehow that it’s so selfish to want something, that we don’t allow ourselves to bloom. But when we do, when we truly allow ourselves to be what we were meant to be, we don’t only light up for ourselves but for those around us too. In recent years I’ve been trying to connect with my ‘bloom’, and leaving behind people and situations that somehow have contrived to prevent me from doing so – people who perhaps thought I should only ‘bloom’ according to their rules. Like you, I find inspiration in trying to be myself, doing my best to give of myself, enjoy the journey and hope that this real ‘Me’ will bring some joy or good to people I come into contact with.

    1. Very well said- it’s been healing too in a strange way. I lost my Mother when I was in my twenties and as I look back, she allowed me to dream and just bloom. It’s a peaceful feeling down deep. I’m having a great time and so glad you are a part of my garden!

  2. And a P.S.

    Everyone around me inspires me, everyone has a story
    and I’m a good listener – reader. There are so many
    that has touched my life and heart. Some don’t know.
    Hey, we are talking of someone that STILL cries at
    Little House On The Prairie and I’ve seen them all ,
    lot’s of times.

    1. I can’t even watch CNN when the Dog one come’s on….can’t remember the name cause when I hear the music start, I change the channel!

  3. Your right my inspiration comes first from our Father in heaven, but my husband is my biggest inspiration. To go through what he’s been through for the last 9 months and to be able to stay s strong as he is is the greatest inspiration in my life. That and all the support from everyone in this great community has been an inspiration and kept me going.
    Very nice Mari


    1. Bobbi, your words are kind and I thank you! I just knew that things would work out. You were and are a inspiration to me. Blessing to you and Mr. Gill, enjoy each and everyday. For you too know that every day is a gift! 🙂

    1. Hi Bonnie!
      Yes, dreams…..dreams….dreams….never let them die, my friend!
      How can you not get inspiration from all the wonderful bloggers out there!
      Those on my blog roll inspire me so! Thank you! 🙂

  4. Hi swee’pea – since u started I have seen so much creativity flow from you – I’m just blown away by some of your posts. As to inspiration – I get mine from God first, then just daily life – from the biggest problem to the smallest most adorable baby rabbit nibbling the weeds – inspiration is everywhere we look. I get inspiration from my blogging buddies (like you!) and I get inspiration from all my Tweeps (even tho I’ve been a little absent in Twitterville lately). For funny stuff I get inspiration from me coz I’m such a dork – and then there’s my local paper or the daily news on tv or just driving down the street – a day doesn’t go by I don’t see something that’s worth commenting on. Life is just one big inspiration. You go girl! Hugs!

    1. You my dear are the one that let me out of my bottle!!!!!! You are a Master of words, and I shall always hold a special place in my heart for you. I promise, however to limit the number of 2:00 a.m. e-mails I send off to your Prince. I confess….I have you on speed dial, for emergency purposes or a good laugh! Keep me on the straight path as I need all the support, and warm hugs you are so gracious at giving. God’s love and as Always, M

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