Now….. I’m stealing this idea from my buddy over at Crone and Bear It. The reason for this is I’m positive that MacGyver (hubby) is in cahoots with (her) Devoted Spouse! I’m totally convinced of this. The problem is, they have things reversed.

I want the light ON and she wants it OFF.

MacGyver hit’s the sack much earlier then I. We have a KING size bed in a very small room. The walk to my side of the room is not far. It is just treacherous! I have for years asked that he leave the T.V. on, with the volume OFF so a small amount of light would flicker and illuminate a safe passage way for me – or- the option of hauling me to the hospital so they can put me in some sort of cast or sling could occur, cuz I know my luck is running out! His choice!

Our bed, which I’m convinced is also out to get me, is just the right height that I hit my keen knee or stub my toe every time I try to maneuver around it in the dark. I’m not the most graceful swan on the pond, so this occurs during the day as well as in the dark of night. But, I’m convinced that there might be some sort of conspiracy going on when it happens in the day. It just makes me feel better, since I can’t blame MacGyver for my daytime wounds…..

Anyway, I have reminded him of this, his nightly duty, several times this week…month….year’s and once again-no flickering-just snoring!

So tonight it would appear that I’m forced to retrieve the railroad lantern (thanks Billy Bob, and take note cuz a waxing could be in your future should you not follow the rules) from the porch to illuminate my passage to the safety of my side of the flannel sheets.

But, in the light of day, I shall rise up and commence WAXING!
It’s FRIDAY! Have a great week-end! Oh….two day’s of waxing that should work!

Let us all this day remember our past!




  1. Hi Mari

    I didn’t know that anyone else had that problem!
    I have so many complaints of stubbed toes in the other bedrooms.
    All I can think of saying is OUCH before I get my apologies out!

    I figured out a way to protect the wayward, almost always, unconscience yet innocent toe! *smile*

    I take old ‘nostalgic’ tennis shoe and put them under the bed legs.
    A Bumper Shield kinda…. *smile*

  2. I prefer the darkness, but when I get up for work (very early in the morning when it’s still dark out), I take little tiny baby steps cause I know if I don’t, I’ll step on the poor dog. And I feel my way around the door like a blind person.

    1. The railroad latern has a handle and it is great for finding my way! It never was a issue untill I got older, my nick name is Gracie…..I fall all the time! The dogs hide under the bed cause they know I’m a could cause harm~!LOLOL

    2. Bonnie,

      What kind of dog do you have? I know what you mean about doing the puppy shuffle in the dark.
      They sleep so soundly and so trusting that they don’t even move.


      1. Which one! Check out the Main Street Roll call page. LOLOLOLO Never no what you might trip or step on around here.

  3. Oh my — what have I started??? Muahahaha – guess who didn’t leave the light on last night? I think my threats are working. Hysterical you want just the opposite. Oh and BTW what the heck’s a keen and why would you hit it on the bed? (just kidding I know you meant “knee”) – I love teasing u. Love ya tons – there’s gonna be a run on wax at the store I can just tell! Hugs!

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