Friendship is a tapestry woven through the years…. or….Friendships are sewn one stitch at a time

quilt31The fall cook-outs have began! I am excited about winter coming! Not the snow, sleet and slush, but the thought of pulling out some of my favorite things! Sweat-shirts and sweater’s are a few of the things I love to retrieve from their summer resting place.

Another one is quilts. I love quilts. MacGyver’s Great Grandmother (Blanch) and Grandmother (Bert) were “quilters,” and I have several of their quilts which I proudly use. There is a sense of solace and warmth when I am tucked beneath one of Grandma’s quilt at night; a family history covering me as I sleep and a sense of pride when ask about where I got them. All nourish memories of the many talents and gifts each of these women so graciously shared with their friends and families. Their quilts, tell a story with the pieces of cloth they hand cut to match a pattern and the colors they thoughtfully chose as they painstakingly stitched each masterpiece.

Here in the Midwest, you can often find quilting demonstrations at many historic sites, and seasonal craft fairs around the state. You might be lucky enough to purchase or be the receiver of a hand made quilt.

ced2009I am inspired by the craftsmanship, the colors, the magical way each piece of material is hand crafted together to form such beautiful geometrical patterns.

While visiting with a small group of friends over the week-end, I realized that inspiration truly does pops up in the most unusual of places. My visit was with cherished friends as well as newly made friends made me realize how much life is like my cherished quilts.

Each tiny piece of material – or person – that we meet can be carefully stitched together in a group to complete a circle or a square. There is no beginning or end. There is no piece, color or placement that is any better then the other. Each are equal to the whole. The more pieces – or people – you add, the larger and more colorful your quilt becomes.

Life is all about quilting. Each of us are quilters, but we sometimes forget how to quilt the pieces together. The art of quilting will never be lost if we give and receive from others freely, and without expectations or limitations they will always cover us with warmth and support throughout our life.

Friendship is a tapestry woven through the years with threads of joy and laughter, happiness, and tears.



10 thoughts on “Friendship is a tapestry woven through the years…. or….Friendships are sewn one stitch at a time

  1. While I wish I was capable of creating such works of art, I know my limitations. But I adore quilts. They do something to a room – just warm it up completely.

    1. And, too your’s. Very nice eve, had a great time. Golf was fun, a little early for the moon girl to be driving the cart around, but I did not hurt or run over anyone! Might of scared Mac a time or 2, but he came home with me as did the rest of the crew.

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