joe pt2

My buddy over at Crone and Bear It, completed her physical therapy and was kind enough to provided a wonderful post, SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH, which listed seven things to remember when going to Physical Therapy.

Since I was starting my first of 30 visits to physical therapy, I was very gratefully for the heads up.

I took a shower, Rule Number 1. I wore some comfortable clothing as instructed by the receptionist. I refrained from beans, chili, burritos, cabbage and anything that might or would provoke an internal explosion as suggest in, Rule Number 2.

I was also given a white printed sheet of paper, and at the top in bold letters it has, Exercise Program for: ME! (How sweet I thought).

“Here are some excuses exercises I would like you to do at home.” “Thank you.” I said.

Oh yes, and I will refine from crumbling it into a ball and using it as a play toy for the cats and or dogs, as suggested in Rule Number 5 of the Cronie P.T. guide.

I was assigned to Joe. Joe at first seemed like such a very nice man, soft spoken, he was dressed in a very nice shirt and tie, and look more like a stock broker then a physical therapist. He did however, have those raccoon eyes, suggesting that he liked the outdoors, and hides behind his Foster Grants. (Perhaps a Hell’s Angel at night!)

kneeHe spent a hour with me just chatting, and placed some tape carefully on my knee, while explaining that this is a new method of loosening the fluid around the area. “A technique from the East.” he said proudly. Ok…. Joe….. I thought to myself.

After I was all taped up, Eastern style, he guided me over to the bar’s and…….. within a blink of the eye he had me bawling like a baby! For Heaven sakes……did I break Rule Number 6.…. right out of the gate! I did not even have a chance to say; You (*&(*(####…that hurts! What on God’s green earth did I do to you Joe? And in less the 60 seconds was my first thought, as the tears streamed down my checks. He was very thoughtful and handed me a Kleenex. “That ends the session for today.” he said with a smile. “See you Thursday! Do not forget to do those exercises!”

Perhaps I should have looked a little more closely at Rule Number 7.….. “Always bring them something good to eat – they may live a healthy life-style but we ALL know an occasional blueberry muffin is good for the soul.”

Oh…..only 29 more to go! I better read the rules again!



  1. Hi there, yes I did have coffee with the Crone last Friday. We had a grand ole gabfest. 🙂 I’m going to try to meet more of my bloggy friends; it was truly wonderful to meet her!

    Re: physical therapists and their healthy eating regimen. Go ahead, take them some blueberry muffins, or better yet, cupcakes. That’s what I took on my last day to work in the rehab dept of a local hospital. 🙂 They loved ’em!

    1. Well…..HELLO….where have you been! Auntie2 has just had surgery,Cronie still needs help,……there are a few of us in the group who are on the injury list! Get us well!

  2. the “taping” I believe he used is called kinesio taping. we actually learned about it in massage therapy. it’s a special tape that, say, when used on the shoulder (or deltoid) muscle will hold the muscle specifically in it’s normal state while allowing you full range of motion and allowing the muscle to relax and heal. it’s pretty cool and sometimes comes in awesome colors. 🙂 I think it’s neat that they used it to help drain fluid.

    1. THAT’S MY GIRL!!!!!
      Aubrey Lyn (she my niece) Thank you my love!
      Yes, you are correct and it seems to be working on the fluid.
      She is a sweet heart and we are very proud of her.
      Kisses! and Hugs!

  3. WOW! I hope things go more smoothly next go round. I guess the overriding rule is that you have to keep in mind that in the end, you’ll benefit from all this pain. Tough thing to do! Hang in there!

    1. Hey Nothing Fancy what up? Well, things went ok. Not sure about this Eastern tape thing? As Cronie says: Make it work! LOLOL I have today to recup! lololol

  4. Oh babycakes I am sending you oodles of love and healing right now because I’ve been there done that got the tee shirt and the friggin’ autographed book. Go ahead and cry – I certainly did. They understand. But DO the exercises – it will be worse if you don’t do them. I wish I could return to PT because I am in so much pain right now and I think I need more therapy – I see Doc early Oct and will get on knees (but will never be able to get back up) and beg for 1) a Flector pain patch for back and 2) more PT and probably 3) antidepressants coz I think this injury has caused my depression to rear up its ugly head. Grrr… Poor Devoted Spouse – I just bark at him all the time and then I cry alot. So – do what they tell you – and follow my rules – never eat broccoli the night before – shower and above all pray and be positive – attitude is half the battle – I know this truly. I love you dearly and pray for you daily. Hang in there sister – oh, yeah thanks for the shout-out! U rock. Hugs, Cronie

      1. Hey there’s a distinct possibility I left out the part that it was gonna hurt. But also hear me when I tell u that if u are doing exercises there on site and it hurts bad TELL THEM because they do not want to hurt u – mine always watched me work out and they could tell by my face when it was hurting too much and they would tell me to stop because above all you don’t want to re-injure or overdo it. Make sense? I wish I could send Chunky Monkey to you – oh sweet merciful heavens he had the hands sent straight from God I believe – he worked miracles on my poor muscles, ligaments and tendons and got them stretched and working so much better. So to borrow from Project Runway…”Make it Work” ok I’m out now — Percocet making me hit head on keyboard and the space where my quotation mark key is missing really hurts that part of my forehead….lol

      2. Did you say a distinct possibility… left out hurt….well OK found that out. LOLOLO
        No, he asked me to go over to the bar’s (metal bar’s dang!) hold on and stand on my tip toes….
        Up I went, I did as I was told, and SH**t Fire Batman….. got the worst knee cramp in the world. Took me to the floor!
        I kept telling him that I was having cramps that were keeping me at night!
        Apparently the “Eastern tape” had not kicked in and still has not.

      3. I dont know what eastern tape is — they taped my back and my hip down my leg and it really helped keep the muscles in line in between visits – maybe he didn’t tape you right. Keep being vocal – they can take it.

      4. Well, vocal is one of my best things….ask MacGyver. I’m doing a little research on this tape thing, will get back to you on that.

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