Dear Mr. President and Congress Person’s:

I’m just your average Joe in the Midwest trying to make ends meet. I’m from your neck of the woods Mr. President, Illinois, and I’m having some real issues with this health care, particular the pharmaceutical side.

Now, I have insurance and believe you me, I’m very thankful. But what I don’t understand is the pharmacy side of insurance.

I have been taking a particular blood pressure medication for at least 10 years. It has always been $12.00 for the prescriptions. Which like I said, I’m very thankful for the coverage. But when having the prescription refilled this week, it went to $52.00. A forty dollar increase?

So, I contacted my provider, who in turn directed me to a company that “manages the drug side” of my benefits for them, and I asked why the increase?

To which I was told, this drug is not on the preferred list. Preferred list? My Doctor prescribed this medication. This is what I have been on for years and because it is now not on “the preferred list”, the price has increased, oh… 23%! Who makes this list?

Ok, gas, electric, food, medication? Which one of these should I not pay? “Well,” the nice lady said, “you might ask your Doctor if he would change your medication to one of our medications on the preferred list.” “What?” I said? “You are asking me to tell the Doctor, I…can’t take that…. it not on the preferred list…..try another one!”

Then she said, “You might also try getting it through us. By mail. The price might be lower.” To which I replied, “Lady, I have a hard enough time getting my water bill delivered to the right address and you want me to get my medications through the mail?”

Some where, some one is making a lot of money and it’s not me!

Why must I be forced to use certain medication or pay more for it? Why can’t I go to my local pharmacy and pick my medication up?

I’m not buying luxury item. It’s a tiny pill to control my blood pressure, which might cost a whole ½ cent to make in large quantities, if that. I can’t be the only person taking it in the USA. Why am I being forced to get my prescription through the mail? I like having it put into my hands and asked, do you have any questions by my local drug store? I don’t have any idea who is filling this by mail, and God only knows where it might go. Then what happens?

Sir, there are a lot of issues with our health care system, White House Site shows that. Take your time, get it right, and spend sometime looking at who is making the monies in the drug companies cause someone is not playing fair!

Just your average Joe who has insurance and still can’t afford medications.



  1. Master Electrician has been taking the same Muscle relaxer for his knees for the past eight years and with our insurance it only was 2.00 out of pocket well I went to go pick up his refill and looked at the package and noticed it was not his usual pain medication , so I told the pharmacist that we were given the wrong meds. He told me that our insurance no longer covers it because it is not medically necessary and it is not of the “list” so we were given another type of muscle relaxer only it does have the tendency to give you heartburn and upset stomach. Great that is all I need more belching from Master Electrician LOL!!

    1. I’m not sure what will happen but I’m very gald I’m not starting a family now.
      Funny, I remember my Parents and Grandparents saying that.
      I would like to talk to who every it is who makes up these LISTS!

  2. Calm down………..please?
    Now take a deep breathe, think pleasant thoughts. You are on an island that has no dr.’s or drug companies….

    OK, enough of that crap! The side effects are worse than the disease! We have seen all the side effects of those good ole drugs they promote on tv. One side effect I seen I seen for one – lymphoma. Hello, that is what my Mother died from, I’ll pass on that one.

    Check everything carefully.

    And I didn’t mind turning 30, 40 but 50 p*ssed me off! Vent, I did.

    1. Here is what the Doc said. I will give you this but I have found that this drug may make you cough and with your asthma ……..I don’t understand how they can tell me some 500 miles away or more what is best for my patient. Let’s give a try we might get lucky. That’s all I can tell you.

      Oh….where is the MOON! I need two or three….six

  3. With Dear Hubby’s MS he’s on all sorts of medications. We’ve had to battle time and again with Medicare over their ‘preferred drug’ list. I just thank my lucky stars that I’m not on any prescription drugs, we spend enough $ $$,$$$.$$ on his medications each year. (Yes what we spend a year on the drugs he needs is represented in all those $ signs.)

    1. Oh Dear! I understand. MacGyver’s cancer treatments would have bankrupt us, I’m still paying for some. And this medication thing……Turns out that the med that the insuance company wants me to take has some really bad side effects…this per the DOCTOR! Now, I’m really p**sed off and my BP is high and am turn 50 Saturday….this will get ugly if I have problems with this drug!

  4. I agree Mari, I will give the president a chance but I personally think he is trying to do to much – to soon. He needs to get the best around him and pick their brains. Get to know every thing he can before rushing head first into anything.

    As far as the prefered drug list – it is prefered by the company that makes it. You see those little announcements at the end of drug commercials, “If you need help with the cost of your medicine We may be able to help” And who is paying for their medicine, YOU.

    1. I do not think that anyone! ANYONE has the right to tell my doctor which meds he is going to give me nor do I think it is fair to jack the price up if he does not choose from the PREFFERED list. I thought I lived in America. I wonder sometimes! My BP is climing higher. I’m about to turn 50……. this could get ugly!

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