Hubby always has a way of making me feel much better! I’m a lucky girl!


4 thoughts on “REMEMBER WHEN I WAS 25 AND YOU WERE 18?

  1. Well Hello BIRTHDAY GIRL!
    Birthday’s do have a way of sneaking up on us. When I turned 30, I thought, Wasn’t I just 18 yesterday? And then…..
    the fit hit the shan and here I am. Older than you or Mac.
    And we are still together and still having fun. Now that’s an older worth having!
    I pray we all have many more fun filled years.
    Love You and HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    Lanman & Judi

    1. I can hear you singing! I feel no different. Other then my DANG knee. another night of up and down…..I’m wondering if I don’t have a stress fracture. In the first set of xrays and mri it was really swelled and they sometimes can be missed. I’m thinking about asking for a mri w/contrast.

      If not the med. Doc thinks it could be heart! Blood flow…..but not in just this one knee and it just started after the fall. Thay gave me some stuff they give Parkensen Pt. to take at night. It did not help. I go to therapy monday, Ill talk with Joe and see if we can get the mri, if that comes out clean…. the heart….

      Thanks for the birthday wish, may have to blue moon next month on the 15 it our 32 wedding Anv. :0

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