Halloween has never been one of my favorite holiday. But it’s fun for the kids. The holiday origin date back to “the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.” More than 2,000 years ago, a people known as the Celts lived in the area which is now divided among three modern-day countries: the United Kingdom, Northern France, and Ireland.

The Celts began their new year on November 1, meaning October 31 was their New Year’s Eve. They say, “the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred” that night. Bonfires and animal sacrifices were common, as were costumes which “typically consisting of animal heads and skins.” But, the Romans conquered the Celts and the Samhain Festival got tossed in with other holidays.

Later, as Christianity became powerful, Pope Boniface IV put a new spin on the fun. When he designated November 1 as “All Saints’ Day” — a day when followers could honor saints and martyrs. This celebration was also called “All-Hallows,” and the night before (October 31) was known as “All-Hallows’ Eve.”

Later, it became known as Halloween where children of all ages scarf up all the candy they can carry, carefully carved pumpkins are often smashed in the roads, dogs go wild at the ringing of the doorbell and monies spent on costumes so we play someone else for the day or evening, and lets not forget about the windfall to the dentist or…… a possible belly ache the morning after. So, for all those who love this holiday here is some FYI.

The top selling candy for Halloween:

1. Candy Corn
2. M&Ms
3. Snickers and other Candy Bars
4. Hershey’s Kisses

What’s your favorite treat or tricky on All-Hallows’Eve?



  1. Mari,
    Halloween is great. For the only day of the year you can be anything you want to be. Just dream for a little while. It has no obligations just fun to be yourself or something else for a little while with no commetments. I love Halloween…..Try something different.
    Love Ya

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