PIZZA! PIZZA! Yes, Effie May loves pizza, the pizza box, anything that remotely smells of pizza. He is on it!

Recently we ordered pizza after getting home late one evening and he too got a piece as he always does. The next morning he was very upset to find that all the pizza was gone and we were attempting to throw the box away!

I assured him that we would order pizza again. But, he was not ready to give it up!


16 thoughts on “PIZZA…..PIZZA…..I LOVE PIZZA

    1. LOL…F has never had the anchovies……I’m not sure I would like them. I thought I had the only cat that like people food. LOLOL Thanks for checking in. Come back often!

  1. What a cool picture!
    Everybody loves pizza in our house too!
    Our 4 year old grandson can eat pizza every night if we let him. And he can eat the WHOLE slice (I’m talking about a New York-size slice).

    1. OH…F would be in heaven for one of those New York size slices! I’ll keep that to my self, he would be a pain in the a** if he knew that. Would have to have you mail me a slice. LOLOL

  2. I have a great story about Peaches and Pizza.

    She never ventured far from the yard as she was afraid of cars so she always took the back-way to do her bid-nez. *smile*

    One day she came back over the fence with a huge slice of pizza from across the way where someone had a party the night before. Yes, she loved pizza also.
    She brought this piece of pizza right up to our three Maltese and layed it down for them to ‘munch’ on. (she had already had her share)

    It was a nice ‘Pizza Party’ for the little ones!
    Peaches never ceased to amaze me with her ‘handling’ of her doggy family! *smile*

      1. Pizza! Just mention the word and they start drooling.

        Gavin is doing very well–seems to be completely recovered now.

        The oven light is still not working–because the danged base is still stuck in there. SIGH

      2. That’s F….Glad to here all is well with G, and the oven well…..Pam was the only suggestion Mac had! Good luck on that! 🙂

  3. I used to have a cat named Smokey, he loved, ready? Chili and popcorn.
    The dog Katy just polished off her taste of chili mac and is looking at Dad, wanting more.

    1. Why do you think they pick some of thoses things to eat? Funny. Katy…..chilli mac this week and potatoe soup???????? Did she get any soup????? Dang….what’s up with that…call me! next time girl!

    1. Not only eats it but is real pi**ed off when it’s gone! But…he loves all people food. He watches the microwave go round and round, he knows there is something good that comes out of there! He is a real trip! Keeps me on my toes all the time. Around here I’m always yelling…”F get out of that, F get down, F get back, FFFFF! LOLO

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