October’s theme from Leah over at Creative Everyday is CONNECT. When I found this picture I was connected to a time and place in my life where I felt safe and secure.  A connection to a childhood memory, and those who were a part of that time in my life.

My Grandmother could have been the model for this photo.  Her name was also Leah.  Which is why I’m sure I felt such a strong connection when I thought about Leah’s theme for October. 

Grandmother Leah (or Lee as everyone called her) was a wonderful cook. She was the master of fried chicken, and the wizard of cherry pie. Each presented to me every year as one of her gifts to me on my birthday. 

She would begin early in the morning preparing the birthday feast by wearing her best appron that always had tucked inside one of the pockets a dainty handkerchief. She seemed to moved around the kitchen effortlessly as she prepared each dish. The smells of the birthday treat would drift through the house as she started cooking.

Fresh green beans were always the first to began releasing the faint smell of bacon as they slowly cooked, steam leisurely rolled out from underneath the lid of the silver pan, which housed the potatoes. The sounds of cracking and popping began when she placed the chicken carefully in the large black cast iron fry pan. The sweet smell of homemade rolls began to escaped from the oven as she caefully opened the oven door checking on their progress and then… the distictive aroma of that home made cherry pie, bubbling its red juices over the edge of the neatly sculpted edging she so carefully pinched togeather that morning was the sign that the celabration would soon begin.

All created and connecting  a feeling of warmth, security and love for me as she prepared this birthday dinner. Grandmother Lee has been gone from us for over forty years but when I saw this picture I closed my eyes and connected with the sounds, smells, taste and love that she gave me each year through her gift of cooking.

ced2009Connect to your past. Take a trip through the photo album. Bake one of your favorite family recipes or just close your eyes and remember those moments in life where you felt the most at peace.

Because every day is a gift!



    1. Yes my love, you are correct. There are a lot of great stories I need to tell…..There is one about Chirstmas and you I think….LOLOLOL Oh I can’t wait!

  1. Beautiful memories, Mari. Connecting with my past is one of the things I’ve been thinking about as part of the ‘connect’ theme too, and as it happens today would have been my mother’s 86th birthday so I thought of her too as I read your post. I believe we all have gifts and talents – some of them are so everyday / taken for granted that people don’t even think of them as talents, just part of life. But it sounds like your grandma really did have a talent for cooking and a gift for making people feel welcome in her kitchen.

    1. Hello Friend! Yes, she was a wonderful cook. I love Leah’s theme’s they really make you stop and think. Love your blanket idea! Thinking about getting those patches out!

  2. I loved your reminiscences (sp?) and I like the attitude that every day is a gift. I’m gonna add a little caveat that some gifts (days) are better than others. If I wrote about my childhood I’d have you all thinking I’m certifiable and too many of you feel that’s true already! LOL BTW, I CAN cook, I’m just lazy. Ask Devoted Spouse and he’ll be happy to tell you I make a mean Blackened Cheese Sandwich. heheheheee.

    1. HELLO! Are you feeling better? Are you ready to play yet? Oh, I have missed you! Hugs and smiles to you! Yes, some days are better then others, but my blog buddy’s help make each day perfect! 🙂

      1. No I don’t feel better I’m afraid – I’m achey and just feel very tired. I still have schoolwork to do and I’ve been putting it off. I did finish the paper, but have to edit it and submit it. Then read, read, read and one more test and I’m done. Blechhh. I’ll come out for real to play about mid October give or take. Promise. I am trying to write a few postings. New one up for tomorrow. Hugs.

  3. Oh, what wonderful memories, Mari!! I love that your Grandmother’s name is Leah. 🙂

    The photo reminds me of my grandmother too, especially pictures of her before she was a grandma. Her name is Frances and she was a wonderful cook too. 🙂

    1. Thank you Leah for the opportunity to remember these in such a great way.
      I love being a part of your group.
      Hugs to you!

  4. Oh that all sounds so wonderful! I could almost smell it over here! And I had a grandma named Lena, who we all called Grandma Lee. Her specialty was wonderful potato soup with a beef broth. I wish I could reproduce it.

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