Today, I got a PIT in my cherry bowl!

Yippee…..a big PIT.

Now….. I knew this cherry didn’t look very good several months ago. I tried to avoided it. I didn’t want any part of it. I would not look at it, touch it or even play with it. I didn’t want that cherry in my bowl but today that dang cherry jumped in my bowl and left me with a BIG PIT.

I’ve been a pit-iful mess all day!

I question why I can’t seem to get away from those dang pit’s. I’m like a pit magnet. I question why everyone wants to give their pits to someone else? I question why I seem to get some big pits? I question why some think I like pits? I question why there are  pits at all?

But, the other cherries in my bowl have been very supportive, which I’m grateful and thankful for having them and it helps make that dang PIT go down a little easier! I know that some can’t always handle pits and that’s why the pit gets in my bowl.

As I’m writing this……..I was sent a heartfilled text. Thank you for putting a wonderful new cherry back in my bowl. Yes, thing will work out and life will move forward.

Everyday is a gift.