Leah, from Creative Every Day, announced the theme/challenge for October was CONNECT.

Last night as we all got into our assigned spots for the night, Casey Jones, aka: Weiner Dog quickly rushed over to his bear, which stays on the bed. This bear is his connection to bed time. He holds one bear paw in his mouth and falls fast asleep.

Casey Jones is my son’s dog. After taking a job closer to home he moved back to Main Street, USA but could not take Casey with him because he moved into an apartment. I gladly took in the Weiner Dog, as any good Grandma would, because Billy Bob had done a great job training him, and he has the best personality around. He is our happy dog.

Getting back to the bear…… Casey does not chew it. Does not play with it. Rarely takes it off the bed and is very upset if he finds it on the bedroom floor or any where outside the bedroom. The bear must stay on the bed!

The bear’s paw have become crusty and nasty from him holding it in his month as he goes to sleep. When you say the word bedtime…. off he runs, up his doggie steps and on to the bed right to the bear.

Oh, my bear!…….. You can just see the look in his face. MacGyver and I find this hysterical because Billy Bob also had a bear when he was a child, and yes he did the same thing at bed time.  

It shows that we often form a strong connection with our pets. Which makes Casey Jones even that much more special to us. It connects us with wonderful memories of our son growing up.


I look forward to having “real” grandchildren running around on Main Street someday, and wonder if they as well might find a special bear that they connect with at bed time. Until then……I will treasure Casey and his bear and always think of my son as I lay my head on my pillow at night and watch Casey go sound to sleep, holding his bear.

Funny how we connect with the simplest things.




  1. Mari,

    You and I have some great stories about animals. How about going togther and write a book?

    Sunny also has a ‘Binky’. She suckles it like a mother. Her dog, Myah looks like her and I thought since she had such a hard life that may be why she not only finds it as a Mommy but a sibling.
    We are planning on getting another pup so she will have someone to play with and sleep with.
    She has never had a litter and her Mother instincts are strong.

    Thanks Mari,
    That was great!
    Becci Sue

    1. Love the name, Binky! Miss Kitty has never had a littler of kittens, but she took care of the other four as if they were her own. That is why he aka is Momma Kitty. A new PUP? Whee…love new babies!

    1. He took over the bear that MacGyver got me. It stays in the bedroom. If it’s on the floor he pulls it onto the bed. But…what about Billy Bob’s that’s a sad looking thing! I can hand it off to his kids! LOLOLOL

    1. What so funny is that I saved my son’s bear! (30 years) Why……I have no clue. The ear’s look nasty just like Casey’s bear. Oh how funny it is at nite to see Casey get his bear and go to sleep. LOL

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