I cannot believe the summer is gone. I remember when I was a kid the summer always went by so fast and now that I am an old fart older they seem to go even quicker.

The summer started out with me taking a nasty tumble outside my back door. I slipped on a wet rug and down I went on both knees. For the past four months I have been regularly visiting the orthopedic Doctor, a physical therapist, and now I get to add a neurologist to the list.


I’ve had a MRI, several sets of X-ray’s all of which showed nothing broken or torn, a cortisone injection to the knee, physical therapy, and have taken countless muscle relaxants but continue to have knee cramping at night. Now, these cramps are not the average “Charlie Horse” cramps, which can bring you out of bed in a flash and are very annoying. These are full blown, tear generating, get out of my way, stabbing, someone is whacking my knee with a hammer…….. WICKED PAIN!

These cramps have occurred three, four, sometimes five times a night since the tumble. Some nights, thank goodness not as painful, but the interruption to a perfectly good nights sleep, over the last four months, has turned me into a full blown wicked Main Street Witch. Worst part is, I am now beginning to experiencing them during the day.

I made a trip back to my Doctor last month and he ran some blood work. Often, low potassium or magnesium can cause leg cramps. I was a little low on my magnesium but he was not concerned and requested that I have extra blood work done at the hospital for the potassium. I returned to the ortho Doc the next week and informed him that I had gone to my Doctor about these wicked cramps and told him that he did run some blood tests but he found no reason for the wicked cramps. Both my magnesium and potassium levels were a little low but Doc J was not  concerned. 

The ortho-Doc looked at the knee and said, “ Well, it’s still very swollen. Have you had a MRI?” Hellooooo! In July…..I’ve seen you four times for this knee! So, he suggested an elastic sleeve which I wear over my knee during the day. The thought is, it might reduce the swelling which could be creating the cramps at night. Ok….I said. Continue PT, I’ll changed your medications and come back the 28th of October. Fine….. 

For the next several weeks the new medications and sleeve seemed to work. Yippie!!!!! I was sleeping through the night. One day I slept almost 15 hours which I am sure was due to all the sleepless and painful nights I had endured over the last few months.

I was beginning to feel pretty good.

And then….out of no where the dang wicked cramps have returned. Even worse than before! I came home, this past Friday night, and informed my husband (MacGyver) that if I had one more night of this I was getting his butt out of bed, and we were going to the ER.

Enough is enough! It was now war!

Well…I spent most of Friday night pacing the floor but……. let MacGyver sleep. I went back to my Doctor the next morning ( Saturday) ready to kick some a**.  My Doctor is in a clinic that is open 364 days a year, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. He is not there everyday but he was there Saturday… from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. So off I went……..I explained to him that something had to be done. I handed him ALL the medications I had been given by the ortho-Doc and him; Looked him right in the eye and said……. NOTHING SEEMS TO BE WORKING….LET’S FIX IT!

 After ten years of being his patient, I think he knew that today I meant business.He gave me magnesium tablets, since I was a little low. He will schedule a consultation with a neurologist. It could be nerve damage, he said. He gave me a hug told me we would get to the bottom of things.

I hope this new Doc will have some answer about why these wicked knee cramps are occurring.

And, …..I was told by my DENTIST, on Thursday, I need to have a tooth pulled! PERFECT!  Ok….lets get 2009 over and hope things improve!

So far, Fifty is not working out very well and I know it will be Halloween soon but my family and friends would prefer I be a Good Witch!




  1. OH, I’m with you! Fifty hasn’t exactly been my friend so far! It’s like my body decided to turn on me after years of pretty much peaceful coexistence! I’m looking for a cash for clunkers program to trade it in!

  2. LOL! There is a reason for the name “gracy” I do believe! hehehe! Thats why Katie’s middle name is Grace, with us as family she stands no chance! Ask if a massage will “hurt” anything in your leg, not if they think it will help, but if it will hurt. If not, come see me if you want and at least try and see if it helps. Your call let me know!

    1. Hi sweetheart, I’ve been had!!!…..I belive you were there oh……10, 12 years ago when I took my first tumble on the bed rails. On Little street–Yes?
      We are very proud of you!!!! Now, the massage-Sounds wonderful.
      I will give you a call.
      Got a date with the Dentist Tuesday….

  3. Lord love a duck girlfriend. You sound like you been hanging out with me too long. Your year almost sucks as bad as mine has. May 2010 bring BOTH of us renewed health!!! You remain in my prayers — I know how frustrating it is to go through this but stay strong. And if u need to b*tch, just call me. Hugs!

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