My topic for the post today was to whine about my recent visit to the DENTIST  or should I say emergency visit to the Oral Surgeon. Those who know me are aware that I don’t visit them often.

“Them”…. those people who shove their fingers in your mouth and find it necessary to ask all kinds of questions expecting you too reply in a normal conversation back to them.

“Them”…… who stick needles in your gums and the roof of your mouth while calmly explaining you might fell a “little pain!”

“Them”….who use power tools that sounds like your in the middle of building a condo, and you missed the yellow hard hats zone on arrival.  

These kinds of tools have no business in or near your mouth!

It’s not that I have had horrid experiences with ….“them” in the past, it’s that at 50 years of age, I have had little occasion to visit “them”. I’m blessed with a set of choppers that needed little supervision and found earlier visits annoying and ridicules. Even if several other parts of my body have gone south – I was most proud of my teeth – they had not failed me!

Thus….keeping me away from any visits to “THEM” on a regular basis – I can honestly say that in a forty-nine year span I may have had 10 office visits with “THEM”; Four filling, wisdom teeth removed at 22, a few cleaning……perfect teeth.

I would love to indulge in self pity and cry for sympathy while I recount all the horrid details of Friday’s emergency visit but I will refine because  honestly this was some what self-induced, due to an infection that I allowed to became way out of control. I will report that the experiences was not pleasant and very serious. Had I not gone and taken care of this, it could would might of  become deadly.

So, today I would like to encourage those who have good choppers – like mine – or even those who are putting a repair or removal off, for what ever reason, to go to the Dentist.  Trust me when I tell you that doing what they ask of you when there is a problem, is as important as visiting your physician, and doing just what they ask of you. 

Unfortunately, as we get older we will have a tooth – or two-  that turn’s renegade and demands our attention.

Every day is a gift…take those choppers and go visit THEM! They need a little TLC even if you are not having a problem!

And…thank you Dave for reminding me I’m not 20 anymore!



  1. You have a sympathetic listener in me. I had an abscessed tooth the week of my birthday. It was horrendous. I had it yanked. The only good that came out of it was I lost a few lbs (which I quickly re-gained when I felt better). Nothing is as painful as a bad tooth.

    1. Thanks for the note, Bonnie.
      Oh….what a birthday gift. Don’t want anymore of those, do you?
      Glad your feeling better. I’m feeling a lot better…..funny how one little tooth can cause so much trouble.

  2. Just around the corner, me, knows what you have been thru and I’m proud of your bouncing power!
    And David…..you are not 20 anymore either. Your time will come Hon.
    Waiting for you……..

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