Indian Summer has come to life here on Main Street!  Yesterday was magnificent – aside from the swarms of Lady Bugs – it was a perfect Indian summer day and the forecast is clear until Thursday when it seems we might once again have RAIN! So it’s a race to get the windows and doors open, and let the germs of summer escape from the house! My Grandmother use to say, “Go outside and blow some of the stink off!”

As we put to rest another summer and head into winters wonder land, give thanks for all that you have been given and enjoy each day because it is truly a gift that we have been given. So, get outside enjoy it; Winter will soon be here!



  1. What a gorgeous picture! I love this time of year…the fall colors are so lovely. And I don’t know what’s wrong with me but when I look at that picture…I cant get the thought out of my mind “Gee…that would make a really cool puzzle!” I’m such a nerd!

    1. Glad you came by! Oh, yes it would make a great puzzle. During the middle of winter it would sure make you smile! I think I will put a new puzzle on my list cause it has been years since I had a puzzel. When Billy Bob was small I had a puzzle out all winter….we loved taking turns putting them togeather. Thanks for the great thought and thanks for stoping by!

  2. It’s supposed to get to 70 here today – yippee! The housepainter is coming by to test out some colors, then DS and I are going shopping to replace two dead bushes in the front yard – hope it’s not to late to get them in the ground – we haven’t had a hard freeze here yet but it’s around the corner. Love the pic – is that local? Absolutely gorgeous! Hugs!

    1. ENJOY my dear….we only a a few of these wonderful days! No, dang not a picture from around here. Could be, the trees are just…..well, it’s been a wonderful couple of days!

  3. Well we had another beautiful day. So glad we got to share some time together. On the doggoneit blog. I liked the buffet one the best. I thing that is where I’m at. love ya

  4. Great couple of days! Other than the bugs, they are awful. Can’t go outside without bringing them inside.
    Take some fall pictures of our neighborhood. I got it all figured out, go out your back door, walk around the swimming hole, climb your fence, straddle it, you are all set for pictures. Oops, darn forget that idea. You just fell off the fence.
    Stay inside. Give Marty and G.W. the camera, they have a great view from their trees.

    1. The Lady Bugs are everywhere!!!! There everywhere…..oh, there goes one now, and another.
      Effie…..ohhhhh, Lady Bug gone!
      LOL…..NO fence tricks…..No more new medical SH****T here! I will leave the fence tricks to G.W. and Marty as they have been working on thier skills, thanks to Sophia and Casey!
      Yesterday and today were perfect. This is the weather I would love all year long….well, one or two days of the white stuff.
      I love the first few snow falls and then I’m done. Much like mushroom season. First few cookings are great.

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