The past two days have been glorious. Just stunning and I have enjoyed them immensely. A wonderful lunch on Tuesday with my kindred sister. A trip to the Wal-mart on Wednesday. Where I purchased a set of king size flannel sheets, on sale! Yippee…I love a sale. They forecast rain starting this evening, through the next two days. This will quickly displace all the colorful foliage from their branches. Soon we will see only bare limbs, as winter draws closer. I’m so glad I’m feeling better, and was able to spend the last few days enjoying the sights.

I took Grandma’s advise and blew some stink off! Unfortunately, I must now clean house! Yes, it must be done, and more than a – lick and a promise – which is what I have given it all summer. The dust has collected dust, and the pile of cat or dog hair I found this morning on my black pants was disgusting. I have concluded that I will tackle one room at a time, doing a complete overhaul as I go. Which could be interesting, as I’m not sure what I will find along the way. 

My plan: If I have not used it or thought about it all summer it must go!

Oh…this could get ugly!




  1. hehe, blow the stink off! love that!

    good luck with your cleaning escapades! perhaps you can find some good tunes or podcasts to listen to while you work? that always makes chores more palatable to me. 🙂

    1. Sure….dust bunnies are easy. I have dust Yeti’s at my house. I started this morning in our bedroom, due to the fact I have new flannel sheets and thought it might be nice to have a clean room and warm bed, Boy….I’m looking more like one of my CATS! One big HAIR ball! This de-junking may be a hazard to my health!

  2. A dejunked house is a dream of mine. I haven’t done a good dejunking in several years. I used to do a yearly dejunking but that’s back when the whole neighborhood ran a yearly yard sale. They don’t do anymore. 😦

    I posted my Doggoned Green Tomato Pie recipe tonight…

  3. Do not try to CARRY anything out of these rooms! Use whatever means necessary to NOT INJURE yourself. I know this may be hard for you but I have faith that if you make an effort cleaning the house free of injury to you or an animal is possible.

    teehee 😉

    1. Yes….Aubrey Lynn! 🙂
      (I better be getting a call or note that you have taking care of your teeth as well. Missy! or Auntie M will be …….well…. it won’t be pretty! and you know – when I’m feel good – how my bark is!)
      LOLOL….Dang kids anyway!

  4. good for you…

    Amazing what a little tooth work will do for the body and mind…..and you thought I had all that I could take. I cleaned painted (you know that I hate that more than anything) Not done yet hang in there buddy you are go enjoy getting rid of things. Love Ya Marilyn

    1. LOL, Look here Martha……we need to get well cause I miss your cooking. I’m ready for one of your wonderful meals! (well….not right yet…..but soon!) So, lets get going!

  5. It’s much more fun getting out and doing stuff than cleaning house. Well actually, anything is more fun than cleaning house. Next to coloring my hair, it’s my least favorite activity. I wish you luck.

    1. Hi Bonnie; Tonight I will enjoy the wonderful new sheets! For it’s work, work, work… the morning! Be gone all JUNK! I willtake your good luck cheer with me as I do battle!

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