I announced yesterday that house cleaning was starting. So, this morning I was up before sunrise, had my coffee, checked my e-mails and  began. I started in our bedroom, because I had purchased new sheets and thought that I would get that room all tidy, put the sheets on and come bed time….. dream the night away. In a nice clean room. I also knew that I was not going to push myself to get this WHOLE house done in one day. One room at a time, per day, is my plan..

Whew…9:00 am coffee break. Making good time.

After the bedroom, I decided to tackle the hall closet. 

I think a bomb went off in this tiny hall closet sometime during the last year!!!! I was so disgusted that I will not even dare share a picture with you. I will share with you some pictures of the cat’s, as they found the event exciting and adventurous as I pulled everything out of this  7 ‘  x 20″  hall closet. (Yes, it’s tall and narrow.) You would not belive what I can pack in a small space. Bubba was very surprized and me too!

Dang...Mom, all that in that little space!

Dang...Mom, all that in that little space!

I piled all the sh**t, junk, stuff on the bed and yes…….as if I had set of a rador… came Effie! time....look at all this stuff! time....look at all this stuff!He found it necessary, to roll around in the towels, sheets, soap, hand cream, shaving cream, cotton balls, Q-tips........general junk. While I was tearing though it all..... hoping to find the bottom and put it in some kind of order.Wait....let me see what's under there?

 By noon I was tired. The knee was hurting, the teeth were sore, I’m sure from grinding them, I called it a day! I let the dogs in. They had been patiently waiting outside and in ran Casey Joe…. straight for the bedroom, up his little steps, onto the bed as if he had lost something!

OH....bear safe! Thanks MOM!

OH....bear safe! Thanks MOM!

One room and the closet, done for the day, check. Feet up, drugs taken, lunch ate. It’s nap time!



  1. I just realized why I have such a hard time cleaning – it’s the 3 cats and the dog! Mostly the cats. I can’t even change sheets without them jumping on and off the bed 300 times, making a great game out of it. I think I will give up on cleaning until I no longer have cats (which will be never, which is fine with me).

  2. Oh, I have days like this. Hard, hard work but they do feel good when you’ve cleaned and cleared out! It even feels like you can breathe deeper and more easily, and the amount of junk I have lying around is definitely a reflection of my state of mind at any given time. In fact … looking at my desk right now I think I should have another of those days very soon!

    I have a question, though, Mari – dogs allowed on the bed you’ve just changed and cleaned…?!


    1. I know….this too drove my Grandmother crazy. Dog or cat’s on the bed at any time.
      But Casey was so worried about his bear. I swear he is a human in a dogs body. I’m a softy when it comes to kids, dogs, and cats. Grandma would always say, ” You think she was born in a barn!” (Somedays I think I do live in a barn!) Oh…Welcome to the Zoo!

  3. keep cleaning never know what you might find, or just get rid of. the rule is if you haven’t used in 6 month you don’t need.
    love ya marilyn

    1. I fear the 6 months rule cause you know I have junk that I have never un-packed from returning home from New Orleans……13 years ago. Wow…that’s hard to belive it’s been that long ago.

  4. I did a post a long time ago about my linen closet from Hades and I knew the only way I would clean it out was if I posted a pic online and then I had no choice but to clean it, get it nice and neat and then post the after pic. Trust me I will never do this again. It may be good incentive but it’s exhausting — after all I was under some serious time pressure to get it done. I like to clean about 1 square foot at a time in my house — that’s why we have Gretchen the Immaculate come in every other week and blow out all the cobwebs and doggie fur! I loathe housecleaning – loathe it. Here’s the link to my closet cleaning post:

    1. The only reason for the post was the dang….. CATS…I spent most of the time yelling F…FFF…get out of that…F…give me that. Love my babies, but cleaning is a chore with them, they are very helpful….NOT! Poor Casey thought his Bear was gone for good….LOLOL…he ran right in the bedroom just to make sure it was still there! He is so much like Billy Bob….:) He never liked it when I cleaned his room.

  5. Oh Mari! Isn’t it fun have your furry pals want to join in? They are kinda like hubbys….what! You can’t throw this away we (as in I) might need it.
    You got a lot done, the stuff from the closet scared me (because I have one like it) If the door is closed, I can’t see it and life is good.

    I’m jealous of those flannel sheets…definate Ahhh time.

    Another day, another time, it will all get done. Bad thing is time to start over!

    1. Do you know what’s sad? I have towels that I’m still using that were given to me -us- when I got married! Let’s see….32, 33 year ago. Yes….torn and nasty on the ends,….but I still have them! I shit you not….I rolled up, I can only roll my towels to fit in the closet…., 40…. forty….40 towels. OMG…all in that closet. I could not part with them. No reason….just can’t part with them. OH…I have a bed and breakfest….dang. That’s why. LOLOL

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