When disaster strikes they are there to help and so is our local community.


Sunday, I prepared a big meal for my son, Billy Bob and his family. Dinner was at 5:00. I was ahead of scheduled. I had an hour or so before I needed to start the potatoes, so I sat down to watch a little T.V. and perhaps sneak in a cat nap when my phone rang.

The number was not familiar but the voice on the other end quickly identified themselves.

“This is the Red Cross.”
“Sure, Hi…” I replied.
“There is a fire in your town on Main Street. Would you be available to go?” he asked.
“Certainly” I replied


The little house on Main Street

I quickly summed MacGyver and out the door we flew. Much to our surprise it was the home of a friend. The tiny house on Main Street less than a block from me was now surrounded by red lights flashing. Fire trucks, police cars and EMS had the street block, and we were quickly stopped by a local officer. I informed the officer that I was with the Red Cross and he waved us through. I darted from the truck and up to the house I ran, scanning the area for any sight of Monica or Larry.

You see, four years ago, I became a volunteer for our local Red Cross Chapter along with FEMA, specializing in disaster relive. The devastating hurricane of 2005, Katrina, prompted my interests in serving. My family and I had recently moved back to Illinois from Baton Rouge, La and seeing those pictures were heart breaking. We were able to keep in contact with friends from the area, but I felt so helpless. I vowed that I would never feel that helplessness again. That whatever I had to do I would and prayed that I would never be called but I was ready, and would have the connections to support those in need when faced with a disaster.

So, for the next couple of day I will devote this little blog to the Americana Red Cross and all those who are or have helped Monica and Larry during this disaster.

 I urge everyone to think about what you would do if a disaster suddenly changed life. Just as Monica and Larry had their lives changed in a matter of seconds. A disaster can occur in seconds.

What would you do?

I hope that you will come back and visit this site as I tell you the story of Monica and Larry. I hope that you might also be encouraged to join your local chapter. There is always a need for your help!


10 thoughts on “When disaster strikes they are there to help and so is our local community.

  1. Mari, I first read this at 6:20 this morning while having my morning coffee and toast. Having receiving the message you left I was anxious to see.
    Well, I couldn’t answer this morning. I was to choked up. Marilyn, you are a sweetheart. No wonder you are Mari’s best friend!

    I think I can safely say for all of us here in blogtown…
    We are proud of you Mari!

    And when I came home from work….ServicePro is already working on Monica and Larrys house.

    1. Stay tuned to read how day 2 has been for Monica and Larry. Hey….your in the middle of this as well, dear lady! Love you! Thanks for all you are doing.

  2. What a wonderful organization to get involved with. It never occurred to me to sign up to do that. I will have to look into this. From a fellow insomniac.

    1. Bonnnie all I can say is it is sure worth a few hours of your time. The Red Cross has classes. I hope as you read about Monica and Larry you will go and sign up. Let me know!

  3. mari
    soo glad you were there to help just talked to little larry at the station not just two hours before this happened. Hope every thing is going to be o.k. We do have home available for them if they need one.

  4. Good for you – Red Cross is a good thing – Devoted Spouse is involved with disaster relief for Red Cross through our church. You two are very special people in my book! Hugs and blessings!

    1. In the four years I have been on the Red Cross list I have only had two fire’s in our county. THANK GOD. This one was very close to my heart….stay tuned for more on the story.

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