Can you tell what this is or was? How are your cleaning skills?


This morning, Monica called and asked us if we would meet her at the house. Servpro was coming and she just needed a second set of ear’s. “We will be right there.” I said.

She told us Servpro had been there Monday, and removed some of their clothing. The items would be cleaned and brought back to her today; Then today they would be picking up everything that might be salvageable and cleaned. She could leave them in storage or they would return them to where ever she will now be calling home. 

Three green trucks pulled up to the little house on Main Street, and out jumped five people. One of them handed Monica a small box marked EMERGENCY CLOTHING. Her last name written in big black letters on the side of the box.You would have thought it was Christmas. Her eyes lite up like a kid as she took the box. She thanked them, and we started towards the house. 

The smoke smell was so bad, it took me by surprise. But, I never excepted it to be…. so toxic. That’s the feeling I got… TOXIC! As I got to the open door, I could only get as far as the back porch, I quickly snapped this picture and ran out. The stench was horrid! It took my breath away. It was breath takeing, a heavy feeling, smothering and deadly….Oh….and the mess. That black suet, dust like sh** ….. covered everything. This picture does not even begin to show you what a fire disaster looks like.

“Look.” I said, “Do you need Monica or us here?”
“No.” they replied.
“Ok, here is our numbers we are down the street… us….” I said, and I delegated MacGyver to make trips up to the Little House though out the day, just to check on things.

The Servpro  team of five spent the day removing items that they thought could be cleaned and saved. MacGyver gave us an update around lunch time.  He felt confident things were going well. These five people worked all day in that toxin. I could never do this. Never! I commend these people….. going through fire burned homes or business from top to bottom and removing items that might be salvageable. This line of work is nasty. Many items, they informed Monica, could not be cleaned. (All of the babies things must be replaced) All I can say, this must be a rewarding  job. Really!?!  If they can get any of the items they took clean well… will be a miracle. Thank you! Thank You! Servpro.

Monica spent the day at our house making phone calls and getting things organized. Out of that toxic mess! The phone calls that need to be done after a fire disaster are monstrous. I’m just glad she called us, and we could help with a warm fairly clean spot for her to landed….if just for the day, as she begins to rebuild her home and life. 

More picture’s and updates to come. It’s just so overwhelming!

Please don’t forget to check out the American Red Cross Site!

Make a donation of your time or money! It’s a good thing!


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