In a disaster the Red Cross is there to help. Please check it out!


A house fire, tornado, hurricane or flood has occurred. It’s late Sunday afternoon. Suddenly everything you thought was so important has now been destroyed.


Family pictures, gift’s, your favorite collections of CD’s,the blue jeans you just washed and put away, your recipes box, your easy chair, all your children’s things, your clothes, shoes, bathroom things, car keys or car, kitchen items….. all gone.

What about medication for you or your child? It was in the cabinet. Gone. 

You have only the clothes on your back and if you were lucky perhaps your purse or wallet. What do you do for money? For food? For clothing? Everyone is safe but you are  now suddenly homeless in seconds.

 What would you do?  Think about this, cause it could happen to you.

The Red Cross is there to help you through this. But they need your help.

“You can make a difference every day. You can help comfort victims of a house fire or teach a pet first aid class. Whether you are interested in community services, international services, disaster services or any of the other lines of services in the Red Cross, you’ll find something that fits your niche.” 

Please check it out at:


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