Three days post fire report!



Let’s do a little recap. Sunday night Monica, Larry, Ian, – the cutest baby boy on earth – and Lily the dog, were suddenly displaced by a fire. Our volunteer Fire Department along with several surrounding community volunteer fire departments, EMS and local police saved the little house on Main Street from total destruction.  

With the help of the Red Cross, Monica was able to get her medications for the night. Monica has M.S., and has already been through a lot. Our local grocery store, The Village Market was on hand to help her get some groceries for the night. A big thank you to Judy and Bobbie! MacGyver and Billy Bob secured the house and covered the holes in the roof, since it had started to rain, and has rained everyday since the fire. Miss Laney watched over Lily and Chris, the best baby sitter in the world, gladly took baby Ian to her house away from all the commotion. ( and Sophia made things a little better on Tuesday)

Monica, Larry, Ian and Lily were able to go to Tami’s. (Monica’s Mom’s home.)  Which was a blessing since Tami is move out-of-state in the next two weeks. Funny how things happen! It gives her and Monica sometime together. Things always seem better when Mom is near and I’m a firm believer in, “everything happens for a reason”.

In the past three days, Monica has contacted the insurance company – State Farm – who quickly got a restoration company, Servpro, to go in and remove items that might be salvageable. They cleaned some emergencies cloths for them, and she should be hearing from a contractor with in the next few days. She is a little overwhelmed with all the paper work and running that is involved, but she has had a lot of support for close friends and family. Which is so important when you are faced with a life changing event.

I know Monica, Larry and the baby will make it through all of this. She is a strong little girl! I can see so many new and wonderful opportunities for her. Yesterday, while she sat at my table she told me that one thing she has already learned is that she will no long put importance on gathering useless items. Her hoarding days are over, she said. That is a lesson for us all! It’s not about what you have. Family, friends and life is much more important. There will be so many things she learns from this and so many things she will  be able to share.


I'll help you Monica! Everything is O.K.!

Everything happens for a reason. Monica is perfecting her glass of lemonade and with every sip… will get better!


14 thoughts on “Three days post fire report!

  1. Yes – we do care and always will. This small town is a family. I am proud of that. I love my adopted town. I did come from a small town in Indiana, guess it is in my blood.
    Monica and her adorable ones are family (Ian is a doll!) Mom Tammy is family. In this town, friends become family, just the way we are. And family takes care of each other.
    Great post Mari (By the way Mari has been adopted into the great Goodman clan, the family grows)

    1. I have been adopted and it’s a wonderful feeling. 🙂
      Sadly, two of our other friends/family members lost a father/grandfather/father-in-law’s today and we had another house fire in town and we may need to get a boat to go anywhere! This rain has got to stop! I’m ready for 2010.

  2. It is kinda like Mayberry here, when your young you can’t wait till you get out…..then when your old like me 😉 you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I’m glad Monica has you helping!!!!

    1. LOL…when your old like me? You are a hoot. You and Billy Bob would go away if you both had the chance…..but you would be back! Look at us, we came back! Any small boy’s (baby toys) she could use.

      1. Not baby stuff…..I pass down everything to the nephews so I don’t even have clothes anymore. What size are the the family clothes needed? Give me a list and I will see what I can do.

      2. Toys….play toys.
        Servpro would not take any of the Ian’s things. Said there is too much of a risk.

      3. Goodness, a lot has happened Mari. I have never lived there but I have family and friends living there. I used to drive all the way from Spfld to the Christian Church there.

        I am so far behind here, I apologize!
        Blessings will be with Monica and her family!

        Love ya Sis Mari

      4. Good Morning Becci Sue!
        I will send your blessing’s to Monica. Sis Judi was wonderful, she got them some supplies from the store the night of the fire.

  3. Sometimes our most difficult times are the ones which teach us the lessons we need to learn, even though it’s tragic and quite the trial. It’s wonderful how your family pitched in to help, too. You are so special!

    1. Crone…I live in a very special town. 15 years ago I wrote a thank you note in our local paper about our town the title, A coumminty that care’s. My Mother-in-law had been ill and we lived out-of-state. Everyone was so helpful during that time. Today that is on the sign as you pull into town. It’s true! It’s a lot like Mayberry…..and that’s what makes it a great place in this day and age! People around here are always helping each other. Hugs to you!

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