Midwest is underwater! or Rain, Rain go away…….


Mother Nature is at it again! Here in our small Midwest town we had 3 inch of rain last night – according to MacGyver’s rain gauge – on top of all the rain we have had in the past few weeks! Yikes! We made a trip around town this morning. Lot of water standing out there.

River advisories are fast and furious, farmers are nervous, lot of the corn and beans are still standing in the fields. Pumps are running overtime, boats waiting and ready, and if you happen to find yourself with no electricity well…we can run a drop cord from one house to the other!

That’s right we are a resourceful little town! Got to love it!

It’s a mess!


4 thoughts on “Midwest is underwater! or Rain, Rain go away…….

  1. Yikes – please tell me that picture is not close to your home! We live on a slight hill and rarely have to be concerned about too much water. Our only issue would be if the sump pump in the basement gave out. OMG I just realized THATS another electrical appliance-type object that could join the ranks of all the others that have died lately. Please Lord keep the sump pump working!!! LOL

    1. The picture was just part of our water problems. This picture was in the middle of town. We are on the North end, which had a lot of water but no boats waiting and ready! It was a mess!

  2. There is a lot of water! Our poor dog in the back yard is on an island in her kennel. Thank goodness Lanman covered her kennel floor in brick, she is dry – for now. He had to wade water to feed and water her today and again this afternoon to give her treats.
    As far as the cord goes, Well, we are a community that cares.
    But it sure is a funny sight! You might be a redneck…….

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