Cash for clunker’s! or Who said fifty was great?


This year, I turned fifty, and I’m falling apart! Yes, I’m a quart low. My pistons are knocking, fenders have gone south and my tire’s have no tread. I cough and sputter and don’t start well in the winter.

Just trade me in!

In March, I developed an abscess tooth. Which after taking several rounds of antibiotics and dodging the dentist it returned with avenges in October, and I had no other options but to have emergency surgery to remove it.The dang thing was cracked.

I did not realize how bad I felt.

In July, I went out to get the mail and slipped on a wet door mate and fell on my knees. This is not the first time I have taken a tumble. Hence the reason for my nickname, Gracie. So, I went through a MRI. I spent the summer making visits to the orthopedic surgeon, had a cortisone shot, two months of physical therapy and painfully been up and down most nights with horrible leg cramps.

A trip back to my primary Doc in September, and he concluded that I was a quart low on magnesium. This may be the reason for the leg cramps. I want you to take some magnesium. Leg cramps all most gone, the tooth is out. I’m feeling wonderful.

However,….. he suggested that I visit a neurosurgeon because I was still having problems with my knee swelling, and I still have numbness. So, he set up the appointment with a neurosurgeon, and I had one last visit to the orthopedic surgeon.

Ok…. feeling like I’m getting things under control. Visit with the orthopedic surgeon today…… “My primary Doc set up a appointment with the neurosurgeon.” I began…

“Well, I’m afraid a trip to the neurosurgeon won’t help.” He said as he poked and pulled on my knee. “I was hoping that there was not any damage to the knee cap but……. That’s why you still have the swelling and why there is numbness. I’m afraid you will need surgery.”

What! Are you serious?

“Is the government still giving cash for clunkers?” I asked MacGyver – wonderful hubby – when I got home.
“Why?” He asked.
“Because, I fit the description, and it might be in your best interest to just turn me in!”

Ok…and who said fifty was great?


8 thoughts on “Cash for clunker’s! or Who said fifty was great?

  1. Look at it this way, you got all the crap out of the way, well almost. You have the surgery coming up and you will be down quite awhile. Look out girls, I see a Blogging Maniac coming on!

    1. Yes girls, I just know 2010 will be brighter. It evens sounds better…. 2010….2010…2010!!!
      I think I can…I think I can…!!!
      I wish I was…….I wish I was….I wish I was!!!!
      Well…I’m off to bed. Surely the sun will come up and it will be a brighter day!

  2. sorry Friend
    Don’t think 50 has anything to do with what’s happening to you. It is all about Grace, taking care, and just pure luck. Or NO luck. Don’t frett there will be better day’s you already have one down. the tooth problem. Just get ready for the next step.
    love you

    1. LOL…..and you were the first person I called! I need a trip to the country! I need some cheese with the whine…….

    1. I left out the head cold and canker sore this week…..LOLOL
      Dang, 2010 will be better for us all. Really….it will.

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