I’ve had enough!

It really must be a slow news day when I see articles about Anderson Cooper’s sexually preference, and what difference could it possibly make in the whole scheme of things?

Does he deliver the news in a different way, based on his sexual preference?

Well then, let’s be fair and balanced here. In my opinion, this man is very talented. His job is to deliver current events to us. Without bias and spins, he seemingly delivers a story that allows us to make our own conclusions. He is perfecting social media outlets that bring us information 24 hours a day using, Twitter, texting and blogs.

What difference could it possible make what his sexual preference is? If Anderson Cooper was your local refuge collector, would it cause a change what his sexual preface was in how your garbage is collected? If Anderson Cooper handed you a million dollars, what difference would his sexual preference make when you deposited the funds in the bank?

Judgment is reserved for a higher power. So, if you don’t like Anderson Copper because of the way he delivers the news. Turn the button to off. If you personally know Anderson Cooper, and really feel the need to know what his sexual preference’s are, ask him. In the grand scheme of things, it really has zero effects on our daily lives.


4 thoughts on “A.C.360

  1. so….how do you REALLY feel sweetie? lol I’m tired of watching anyone deliver any type of news to me because they all have an agenda and they all lie and most of it is bad new anyway. Blechhh – Isn’t Cooper related to that whack job Gloria Vanderbilt like she’s his mother or grandmother or something bizarre?

  2. I agree! Don’t like it don’t look! It’s not our place to judge, in fact it too is also frowned upon in the Bible.

    Good Job you tell em!

    Love you

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