Call in the Calvary! Chapter four of Adventures in the City of Medicine.


I can tell you from experience, having a support team when an visit to The City of Medicine occurs, will be one of the most, if not the most important things you can have.

If it’s only one person or one hundred people, things tend to run smoother. Billy Bob, Miss Heather, and I had rallied the Calvary together.

Dave and Denise, Lex, Don and Aubery, Marilyn and Dave, Judi and Lando, J.B., Terry, Tim, Shirley and Jack, Mark, Nick, Lois, Linda, Bruce, Al, Monica, Tammy and Ken the list goes on and on.

Each one informed of what we knew so far, and asked if they could take over a task or call someone in our absents. Some called for moral support or a few words of comfort were a blessing to our ears. Some called, who were not even on the list, when the word got around; Just to see if they could help.

A support system will be your best asset! Thank you all! SO MUCH!!!!!! It’s time for Beer and Whiskey.!


8 thoughts on “Call in the Calvary! Chapter four of Adventures in the City of Medicine.

  1. Well, most of us learned from the best! We had a generation of family before us that was a pretty awesome support system to one another no matter what.

    1. Yes, sweetheart you were taking notes, and we are very proud of you!! Thank you so much for being there for us. You and Billy Bob will be the next generation to handle all us old folks. I’m not so scared now… proud of both, you and Billy Bob. All 4 of you (kids) turned out dang good! And, here we thought you all kids were not even listening.

      1. lol! We were listening. It’s funny I just told Neal the other day that he needed to move home at some point because I didn’t sign on to take care of our parents alone. 🙂 Ha!

      2. Aunt and Uncle’s…….too.
        Sorry, Miss you are the second oldest and the oldest girl! Looks like your it!

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