On Sunday the weather here in the Mid-west was gorges! I asked MacGyver to search for some white Christmas lights I thought were out in the garage. He uncovered several stands of lights that we had purchased for our tree that is in the front yard.

We bought an evergreen tree, which had a root ball so that we could transplant it in the yard to mark the first Christmas we spent in our new home, fourteen years ago. Now, the tree is so big you need a ladder truck to put lights on it, and since Mac is recovering from gallbladder surgery I was not going to be putting those up to this year, so I decided to string them around the front porch. Since he was good enough to dig them out, and it was so nice out.

Wow…the Sunday before Thanksgiving. This is a first! Yes, I’m the one who hates to see Christmas light out before THANKSGIVING, and can be very vocal about it! Which my son quickly reminded me of, when he saw the porch illuminated with the Christmas lights.

“Mom! You hate Christmas lights out this early! You have never done this! What is going on?” He said with a big grin on his face. To which I replied, “The porch light had burned out several months ago, and I keep forgetting to buy a new bulb, don’t need one now! It’s about be resourceful.”




  1. LOL! Some how I can picture this WHOLE day in my head, I’m positive lots of jokes and laughter were involved from the very moment you asked that the lights be found. 🙂

    1. You are correct, and once the lights were found they were not the one’s I was looking for. But, they worked out just fine! It was Billy Bob that had the problem.

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