It’s that time of year. Yes, Monday I started the yearly tradition of decking the halls. Many of you know that I keep a tree up all year-long. It’s decorated to mark the season or event. But once a year I drag out the big tree, and all of my Santa’s. Many years ago I started a Santa collection. I have 16 different Santa dolls. Each one marks a year or place we were living.  Do you have a Christmas collections?


6 thoughts on “DECK THE HALLS………..

  1. i always enjoy coming to your house and seeing the different seasons on the tree. glad you have the spirit. love you marilyn

  2. What a pretty tree- I collect Santas too but only have a few so far. I would like to start a nativity collection but all these collections cost $$ and I don’t have the room nor the patience to put up all the displays. I’m about half bah-humbug this year. DS will get the tree out this afternoon and while he’s doing volunteer work on thurs I’ll probably decorate it. I don’t know about the rest of the house. I used to put up 2 large trees – one a family tree and one was a Victorian tree with lace and pearls and porcelain teacup ornaments and crystal things – it was lovely but just so much work. Now I just put up the family tree and one of these days I’ll get around to starting an eBay account and sell all the Victorian stuff. Not today. Bah. lol BTW I like the idea of a full-year tree changed w/seasons – would love to see seasonal pics of that tree! Hugs!

    1. Each Santa is different, I started the collection while in Richmond, Va. My first Santa came from a “junk” store, it’s about 30 years old, and from there I started the collections. I love the yearlong tree, Easter, Valentines, Spring and Fall it’s fun. All the kids have fun with that tree.

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