Yesterday, my niece, Lex, and I went to the photographer where we viewed her senior photo’s. I have two nieces and a nephew. Lex is the youngest and will graduate from High School in 2010.

I’m sure if you asked my Son,as well as the neices and nephew, they will all tell you I can bark loudly. We have a set of rules here on Main Street, and each one of them, at one time or the other, have pushed me to the limit. Lex, lived with us for several years, and like my Son learned some of the rules here on Main Street the hard way, at times.

As we looked at her photos tears begin to stream down my face. I was trying very hard to conceal them, but by the end of the slide show it was evident I was a mess. Lex, turned around and looked up at me. “Tell me your not crying Aunt Mari!” To which I replied, “Yes, I am!”

You see, I thought as I looked at these beautiful photos what a gorges young women. What wonderful things are in her future and to some extend, we have played a role in this, which made me cry because here before my eyes are pictures of a beautiful young woman not my baby girl.

So, yes Miss Lex, I was crying, and I will cry when you get your diploma, when you get married and when you have your own kids.

Cause I’m the luckiest Aunt in the World!



  1. Growing up I didnt understand some of the rules you had, and it made me quite mad at times. But now I see you were just trying to make me strong for the future. You have done so much for me and I cant begin to tell you how much I appreciate it! I need your help so much getting ready for college and everything coming up. Thank you so much for being there for me. You are the best aunt anyone could ever ask for. I love you, and no matter how far away I am, I always will!!!

    1. I’m so lucky! Both my girls are the best!!!!!!!!
      LOL on the rule’s…..that’s what they all said!
      I will always love you no matter what……I will always be there…no matter what.
      Someone get me a box of Klennex!!!!!!

  2. Where has our years gone girls?
    Aubrey it was only yesterday you were the wee one. Now you are a beautiful young (older than Lex) lady. And I know about you, you are one of those people that are just as beautiful inside as you are outside.
    Mari may I borrow a tissue?

  3. I just want you to know (because there are just some things I could never say aloud, face to face) that I apologize for going AWOL for so long from so many of you my family. I am sorry you didn’t get to expierence first hand the milestones I have had in the last 10 years. I can’t take you back to Christopher and Katie’s appearances in the world, I can’t bring you back to the day I got my GED graduation, and I can’t ask you to come to the other things I didn’t invite you to. Just know it wasn’t you or anyone else I had a problem with. It was my demons. I have my emotions and life in full control (most of the time) and I have and will continue very hard to strenghthen the bridges I have damaged along the way. I love you guys, I always have and I always will. I can’t believe Lex is getting ready to graduate soon. Seems like yesterday I was spending the night with Uncle Dave and Pam in springfield eating Italian Beef and watching little baby Lexey sleep in her bassinet by the window. 🙂
    Thanks for being my Aunt

    ❤ Aubrey

    1. KLEENEX!!!! Dang you girls!
      I told you I was the luckest Aunt in the World!

      We were there every step of the way for you Sweetheart, belive me. There was never a bridge that was broken, you just wanted to take a diffrent path. We all have. That’s just part of life.

      It’s a honor to be your Aunt!

      (Meet my oldest niece! I’m so lucky!)

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