The next generation!

As parents we can only point our children in the right direction and trust they find happiness, love, and faith in what every they choose to do. We can only pray that they will become productive and compassionate in today’s world. There are so many outside forces that can lead them astray.

I can safely say, without hesitation, that the next generation of our family has learned lessons in life by examples. This morning MacGyver went up to our local town’s café for a pancake. He watched from the window of the café, a stranger and his dog who stopped several people leaving the café. MacGyver finished his pancake and left the café and was also approached by this stranger who asked him if he would be kind enough to jump start his van.

You see this man apparently had asked several people for help in starting his van but was denied. For MacGyver or his two brothers, it is a naturally thing to help a stranger, friend or family. They were raised by example, and they have raised their four children the same way.

We have set the course of directions for them all, and if they teach those lessons to their children our job, here was not in vain.


8 thoughts on “The next generation!

    1. Hi Bonnie, you are so right. But, Mac watched this poor man with his dog ask several people. They just blew him off. That’s so sad and we live in a small town so he knows a lot of people.

  1. That’s a nice story. Its all too easy to see only the bad things in this world, it’s all we hear on the news theses days. It is wonderful to know that there are still nice, kind and decent people around.

    I wish you and your lovely family well.

    Kindest Regards

  2. Mari, I loved this one!
    I carry around cables for anyone that needs them, employees, customers or just someone passing by.
    Now I don’t know red from black nor positive or negative but the cables are there for anyone who knows how to use them…. *smile*
    Love ya kid,
    Becci Sue

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