Hello…..Can I take a message?

We have not had a land line for over five years. All of us have cell phone’s. The computer is on high-speed through a local cable company, so the need for this extra expense seemed unnecessary.

Yesterday, I pulled into the garage, and as I closed the door, I heard a bell ring. I was startled for a moment when I realized it was our old land line phone ringing. But, we have no land line connection anymore.

So, I came in the house, and I called out to MacGyver asking him where we had put all the old house phones and told him the bell in the garage was ringing. He quickly replied with a snicker, “Have you been drinking? We have no phone in the garage anymore.” “I know that.” I replied. “Just go get me an old phone!”

He scrounged up an old dusty green, slim line phone and I instructed him to plug it in. “We have a dial tone!” He announced with a surprise.

“Really? I told you I heard the bell. Call the cell phone, we can find out the number.” I said. With the number in hand, I quickly checked the internet and found a name and address. We live in a small town, and perhaps we might know them, but it was not a name we recognized. We decided to leave the green slim line antique phone plugged in and if someone called, we would explain, or try to explain why we were not the party to which they were calling.

I went off to bed when suddenly the old phone rang.

“NO.…this…click.” Ok, strike one. Back to bed.

Ring…..”Hello, Helloooooo….HELLO…….!” Boy this is going to be a pain. I began to think about the address and the name Mona and I suddenly knew who it was, but I could not call her. I would be calling myself. So, I called her Mom.

“Hi Marlene.” I began.

Yes, it was Mona’s number that was now ringing in my house. The mystery had been solved. We laughed as I told Marlene the story, and I asked her to contact Mona. She said she would tell her there would be a small fee for answerer services. Oh, tell her there is a extra fee for hang up’s!

Gotta love the phone company! Now I know the other reason why we don’t have a land line.


6 thoughts on “Hello…..Can I take a message?

  1. I think Cronie was referring to a Party Line…
    If I had been there and heard that phone ring, it would have given me the creeps. Like Twilight Zone creeps…

    1. Hi Auntie. What up? Ready for the Santa?
      I was very surprized.
      Poor hubby was as well, when he found out I was stone sober and we really did have a dial tone!

  2. To funny Mari! Monica is living in Monas old house and I had to direct the phone man to the right house to hook up her phone. The phone company had the wrong address. And now you are getting Mona’s calls? Wild. Only in our small town huh? Tell Marlene Hi for me.
    By the way, I’m still laughing.

    1. Way funny…..
      Marlene just thought that was great. The part about Mac’ s comment I’m sure. He really did think I had lost it.
      She said she get’s a lot of calls for the B. Nest. The numbers are very close. Only in our small town. I have no clue why Mona popped in my head.
      Aubrey had had trouble with her phone friday, Mona moved down the way, and that is the only Mona in town I think? Lucky guess.
      Oh…..LOLOL……I’ll tell Mona you said Hi when she calls for her messages.

  3. Funny story! It reminds me of the stories of old phones when people were on some type of communal line (I can’t remember what it was called at the moment) but when you made a call you never knew who else was listening in. I’ve been thinking of pulling out our land line too. It’s now part of our cable package — digital phone and, frankly, I don’t use it much. Digital goes out if electricity goes out so that’s useless. But then I’ve had my cell phone battery go dead, too. Plus I heard that 911 calls are hard to trace you so if you need help calling 911 from a land line is better and I remember the 911 call we had to make last January all too well. Hmmm. Must give more thought…

    1. Party line.
      That crossed our minds last night. We had them here at one time. It was a hoot!
      It was funny telling her mom the story. Cause MacGyver thought I had lost my mind, or what is left.
      Phone still working today. Cost could go up for Saturday night calls!

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