Grandma, do you remember hearing about that earthquake in Haiti?

I watched, as I’m sure others did, the news accounts about Haiti as the days evolved. Though, it was my cell phone that I depended on for most of the information.

The new, sleek, black, touch screen, ATT Samsung, cell phone, which I received at Christmas, became my link to Haiti. Through the social media, text messaging, and the eyes of a man, who I feel like I now know, named Anderson Cooper. Text messages went out through his twitter account, of which I had just recently signed up to follow and streamed to me instantly as the days and weeks of the plight of Haiti was told.

My new cell shuddered hysterically in the days and nights that followed the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Brief updates were even being announced by my friends and family by only a shout out, “It’s Anderson!” After the alarms and vibrations trilled out frantically, at all hours, announcing an incoming message.

It set about with an unpretentious late night text sent out January 12, 2010 that notified me of his trip to Haiti. It had been a hard day at work, and I was just getting ready for bed when my new, sleek, black, touch screen phone sounded off. My husband quietly inquired as to who would be calling at this time of the night. I laughed and said, “Oh it just Anderson sending a text message. He has stopped and purchased a case of water in the airport to take with him to Haiti.”

I remember thinking, “Boy that sure cost him, and how is he going to carry a case of water through the airport?” as I turned of the lights and snuggled in our new flannel sheets. Little did I know, I would become so eager to have my phone bring me a message from afar at any time of the night or day. Not to mention from a total stanger.

I retained most of his text messages. Some I shared with others. Some were so heartbreaking to read, and I know that while hundreds of others were also receiving the message, they were very personable and real. They became small clips of information that I will think of always. They were raw, authentic and genuine, and it gave me an essence of what was happening and a glimpse of the guy they call Anderson Cooper.

I would like to thank Mr. Cooper, CNN and all who traveled with him for allowing me to share this experience with him through my cell phone and to all those tech-geeks who invented these social media outlets which have allowed me so many ways to get news. It’s just mind boggling.

I’ll share just a few of the text messages I received from AC. The rest I will keep to myself, and if I’m asked by my Grandchildren if I remember the earthquake of 2010 in Haiti, I’ll be able to tell them a few first hand reports I received from Anderson Cooper a CNN news man in the weeks that followed.

Thanks again, Anderson.

andersoncooper: From ac: I saw what I thought was a stone in the debris. It was the skull of a child. It had one tooth still attached to it…….

8:06PM Sun, 17, Jan

andersoncooper: From ac: aftershocks…maybe people here are used to it by now…this building I’m in seems pretty strong..but it really was moving

5:15AM Wed, 20 Jan

andersoncooper: From ac:….I guess I will try to go back to bed….what else can one do?

5:16AM Wed, 20 Jan

andersoncooper: From ac: when it starts to seem normal you have to shake your head and remember. Nothing is normal. Each day is new. Each struggle unique.

1:19PM Wed, 10 Feb

andersoncooper: From ac: at a collapsed nursing school. More than 100 died here. So many bodies crushed in the rubble. They’ve now fallen victim to dogs.

1:16PM Wed, 10 Feb

Andersoncooper: From ac: back in ny. It feels very strange. My heart is very heavy for the people of Haiti. Back on the air tonite……

4:17PM Tue, 2 Feb


7 thoughts on “Grandma, do you remember hearing about that earthquake in Haiti?

    1. It a few weeks, months, since I have posted anything. Missed everyone. What’s up with all this? Chilie had a earth quake today. Thanks for coming by!

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us sweetie. It was so devastating and still is! Our church and so many others have sent Pods filled to the brim with tents, clothing, supplies etc. I could only watch so much because it just broke my heart sitting here in my comfy chair, dry, warm, and well-fed. I prayed. I prayed a lot. I continue to pray.

    It’s nice to see you blogging. Keep it up. I miss our chats. I know you’re busy working for a very good cause.

    Hugs and blessings!

    1. He really is. Nicely said. Those kind of news men are few and far between. I don’t always watch his shows, but I trust his reporting, and he is the best, as you so well said, “at keeping things human.” Thanks for coming by. Happy Wednesday! Come back and check in sometime!

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