Esoph’s Fables, it’s a good read!

The ribbon for colon rectal cancer is pinned to many of our jackets, and is worn as proudly as the United States Flag. Yes, our family was struck by cancer in several ways. You can read a small part of our story under the cancer heading of this blog.

However, today, I would like to share with you a new blogger friend. I know you will enjoy his writing, and I hope you will give him as much support as you do and have given us when we found ourselves members of, as he calls it, Cancerland. So check it out! It’s good stuff. Esoph’s Fables, Letters Home from an American expatriate in Cancerland


3 thoughts on “Esoph’s Fables, it’s a good read!

    1. Judy thank you. His posts are wonderful and since I know all about cancer it is wonderful to read his things. I just knew my friends would help support him as well.

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