Every day is a gift. Chapter One


Everyday is a gift! Those who know me, hear me say that often. Doesn’t everyone love to get a gift? Come on…. Every gift is special, in its own way. That was the way we were raised to belive. What wonderful gifts did you get today, Merry Mari? My mom would ask me every night at dinner. I will admit that over the last fifty years, I have gotten a gift, now and then, which I was not overjoyed or tickled pink about, but most have been wonderful.

What I seem to get, is many of the same kinds of gifts. Which excite me even more now. Moreover, how odd this will sound to some, but I promise you it is not odd to me. I seem to get the gift of friendship from those who have cancer. I have had eight cancer gifts within the last 30 years. That’s roughly been 3.7 cool friendships per annum, give or take the years where I got a number of them back to back.

I will start with my first gift of cancer. My mother, whom was sitting in the lobby of our local hospital laboratory, waiting for me fall of 1980. She had called and asked if she could come by and see me. She only worked down the street from the Hospital at the State Laboratory where she was a Microbiologist. ( no, the apple did not fall far from the tree) I worked as a Lab tech at the  Hospital.

We often spoke during the day, she often called to chat with one of the Path Doc’s on duty. But, for some reason, this request, to see me, was unusual.

We sat down, in the lobby and she began to tell me that over the past few months she had had some medical issue in addition she has spoken with the Doc’s, and they have deduced I have a cancer spot on my lung, she said, without missing beat. I have also….and she calmly began to lay out the coming events.

Well, my love, she said, I’m off to dinner. You have patients to take care of. We will talk later. Love you! Remember, (Merry, Mari, her pet name for me) Every day is a gift. She smiled and softly kissed me on the check. I watched her leave as the tears streamed down my checks trying to grasp what I had just been told. I was then twenty-two years of age, married, with a new baby and worked in the medical field.

And….. todays gift would be WHAT! I thought in anger and disbelief.



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