Chapter two


That evening as I left the hospital, you can imagine, I was very upset. My first thought was to go to my Mother and let her know just how upset I was about this news she found so effortless to deposit in my lap without explanations. But, I knew that would get me know where. Mother was very predictable and I knew that she had already carefully planned out, in her own way, and in her own time, a direction.

I went home, took a shower and began to start supper. MacGyver was due to come home shortly, and somehow I had to explain the events of the afternoon without sounding anger, hurt and scared. It was her deliver of the news that angered me. This was serious news not to be given in the lobby of my workplace.

Tears began to fill my eyes as I told MacGyver the story. He calmly sat listening saying very little as I vented. It’s not what she told me as much it is why she did not tell me earlier on, and why in the lobby of work did she drop this on me? I raged on.

“So what’s the plan?” MacGyver asked. “What’s the plan, well she has gone out to dinner and said we would talk later? I snap back sarcastically! Right at this minute there is no dam plan that I know of, and I can tell you I‘m a little hurt by all this.”

“Well, we usually have dinner over there on Sundays, you can talk to her more than. I’m sure it will be fine,” he said as he gave me a hug. “Great, that’s three days away,” I snapped.

Dinner was quiet and uninviting, other than my sniffling now and again while thinking of our conversation that afternoon, there was little said. I tittered between feeling fear, anger and broken heartedness. Anger at her delivery, broken hearted at the prognoses and fear of the unknown when I was distracted from myself pity party by the phone ringing.

“Mari” the familiar voice on the other end said. “This is Doctor Nicky.” Why is the Chief of Pathology from work calling me? I thought. “Your Mom asked that I give you a call. Can you talk”? He said in his softly draw. “Sure, Doctor Nicky.”

“Your Mother indicated she has spoken with you,” he presses on not giving me a chance to express my feeling on that subject. “She has assembled a wonderful group of colleagues to take her case. Most of them you know. Next week I will be doing a biopsy of her lung. I will be doing it and would like you to assist me.” It was a good thing I was sitting down because I knew this was not S.O.P. in the Lab.

“Dr. Nicky, I said, “I would be honored but…. He quickly jumped in with, “Your Mother requested this Mari, she is an extraordinary lady, a brilliant colleague, and I agreed to it. We will talk again next week” Thank you for the call. I would be honored. Good Bye.

As I sat at the table I began to realize what she was doing. First, my mother in her wacky, (mad scientist way) was giving me the opportunities to work with some very respected physicians who knew about this disease, and were deliberately chosen, well educated, and trusted collogues. She was placing me in a position of a student, because it was clear she was going to be the experiment. But, what else did she have up to her sleeve?










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