Every Day is a gift. Chapter 3

Every day is a gift!
Chapter 3

Sunday dinners at my Mothers are predictable. Pot Roast, potatoes, corn or French style green beans, a salad of some kind and rolls. Occasionally, she might switch things up if she is expecting someone else to join us. But for the most part, that was always the Sunday menu.

We arrived at the house a little early, and of course I was ready, willing and armed! The pleasantry was few and I jumped right into, “Mom, I got a rather strange request from Dr. Nicky.” I said.
“Oh, Nicky said he had spoken with you.” She replied, as she lifted the sliver lid of the pan allowing steam to bellow out from under the pot of potatoes dancing on the electric stove.
“I called your office Friday and Dorotha was kind enough to tell me you were gone for the day. Something about a Doctor’s appoints?”
“Oh yes, I saw Dr. Corday.” (the pulmonary Doc)
“And….? I said.
“He is well, but terrible busy.” She remarked.
“Something to drink, sweetheart”? She asked.
“No!” I replied, “More information would be nice.”
“There is nothing to say. Several months ago, ( here it comes) I was having some shoulder pain, along with an annoying case laryngitis. So, I went to see Dr. Corda. He did some x-rays and spotted a mass on my right lung. He believes it to be cancer.”
“Several months ago?” I said, “And you some how lost my number to tell me you were having problems?”
She chuckled, and straighten her apron. “I believe I still have your number.” She said softly. “Well, apparently you forgot how to dial the phone?” I snap back. “So, Mom. What is the plan? What does Corda think? What are his plans? Who all is involved?” I asked.
“Tuesday I will be going in for a biopsy.”
“This Tuesday?”
“Yes, and depending on what you and Dr. Nicky find….
“Wait…… Hold on Mom.” I exclaimed, “Depending on what Dr. Nicky and I find?”
“Oh, for heaven sakes (my mothers equivalent to swearing) Mari, I have gathered four of the best Doctors. You work in medicine, you know the drill. She said with a smile. “Dinner is ready let’s eat.”

“Dinner is ready?” Oh, for the love of God ( my equivalent to swearing while with Mom) I hope the roast beef has more information!


6 thoughts on “Every Day is a gift. Chapter 3

    1. Thank you Leah. Hey, how has the new house been this winter, your first winter in it? Thanks for the wonderful comments.

  1. Hi sweetie – moms can be maddening but yours certainly sounds like a gem – I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you and you and your family are in my prayers. You tell this story with such sweetness – but I know it is bittersweet. You are blessed to have such a close and loving relationship with your mom and I know how strong you are — you will see this through together. Love you!

    1. Hey Baby! How you doing? I’m hanging on the wall so I can see then in my work area. Lot’s to tak about. Ill get wil you soon.

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