Stuart Little was at my house way before the movie!

It's a postage stamps! That's to funny!

Since my last few posts have been about Mother, allow me to share yet another little story. Life with Mother was always an adventure. To say the least.
I was in my teens, and one morning, I stumbled to the bathroom to get ready for school. While brushing my teeth, I happened to notice a Folgers coffee container in the center of the bathtub. I kept at least one sleepy eye on the container while brushing my teeth and wondering how it got there? Who put it there? What was in it? So, I investigated it a little closer, while still brushed my pearly whites, and found it to be a perfectly good-looking container. Mother happened to dash by the door, and I was only able to spit out a “Hey”.

“Good Morning,” she said with a smile.

I replied, while wiping the tooth paste off my face, “ Mom, why is there a coffee container in the bath tub?”

“Coffee?” She looked puzzled for a second, “OH, it has a mouse in it, dear.” And down the stairs she went.

A Mouse? This I had to see. So, I carefully opened one edge of the cloudy plastic lid, at which I confirmed, there was a small gray mouse, that was now looking back at me.

“Mother,” I began yelled from the top of the steps, “Mother!”

“What?” she said, as she appeared back at the landing of the stairs now looking up at me.

“Mother what are you doing with it?”

“Doing with what?” she asked.

“That mouse! That mouse in the bathtub.”

“I’m going to let him go when I leave for work, dear. Now hurry, don‘t be late for school”

“Guess it’s your lucky day, Mickey! Don’t be late for dinner!” I said.




8 thoughts on “Stuart Little was at my house way before the movie!

  1. I really enjoyed reading all your posts about your mother. I didn’t know much about your mother. She seems like she was a great person. It makes me sad that your mom passed away when you were so young. I can’t imagine this point forward in my life without my mom. I’m glad you shared.

    ❤ Aubrey

  2. So cute! My brother and I used to catch lizards for my mom in the sun room. She couldn’t stand to touch them. What a fun memory.

    1. I never asked her, just how she got that mouse in the coffee can. That I would have loved to see! But, as you said, “fun memories,” which I’m so very thankkful I have.

  3. Your mom must have been a hoot. I love that you have so many memories. I lost my mom when I was about 4 yrs old and oh yeah, nobody told me either. She just wasn’t there and no one would talk about it. I later grew up with the epitome of the wicked stepmother so I envy anyone who had an actual true mom relationship. For however long you had her you were so very blessed. Hugs!

    1. OMG she was fun. She was in her early forties when I arrived. Yikkess…can’t even think about having a 10 year old at my age! But, we had a lot of fun laughing at Mom. Sorry, Crone about your mom, that must of been very hard. But, I bet you are in many ways like her! Hugs, glad the new toy is up and running.

      1. How strange – my mom was in her early forties when she had me, too – Dad had just come home from an overseas trip… I look nothing like her; she was tall and thin (drat the luck) but then my dad was also tall and thin. I’m afraid I take after the paternal grandmother who looked like a “sturdy” farm girl. LOL

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